My Misplaced Mindful MagazineOctober 09 2016

My Misplaced Mindful Magazine

One of the tasks in my circle of responsibility at Back to Basics Kitchen is shopping on Monday mornings.  At the Lafayette Vitamin Cottage checkout counter, I recently discovered the Mindful Magazine.  I am fascinated by how the brain works, especially with managing my Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms on a daily basis.  (I confess that the handsome man on the cover really caught my eye.)  The irony of misplacing the magazine for a few days while comical was...

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Bourne AgainSeptember 04 2016

Bourne Again

During dinner with a friend (also in recovery from domestic violence), we discussed how healing is usually revealed in small ways.  As I was driving to pick up my #2 to watch the newest Jason Bourne movie, I realized that this is the first time I have easily been able to take part in two social activities back to back in one day.  Typically, I would have had to create a plan for a PTSD episode or rest until the...

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