My Misplaced Mindful MagazineOctober 09 2016

My Misplaced Mindful Magazine

One of the tasks in my circle of responsibility at Back to Basics Kitchen is shopping on Monday mornings.  At the Lafayette Vitamin Cottage checkout counter, I recently discovered the Mindful Magazine.  I am fascinated by how the brain works, especially with managing my Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms on a daily basis.  (I confess that the handsome man on the cover really caught my eye.)  The irony of misplacing the magazine for a few days while comical was...

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Bourne AgainSeptember 04 2016

Bourne Again

During dinner with a friend (also in recovery from domestic violence), we discussed how healing is usually revealed in small ways.  As I was driving to pick up my #2 to watch the newest Jason Bourne movie, I realized that this is the first time I have easily been able to take part in two social activities back to back in one day.  Typically, I would have had to create a plan for a PTSD episode or rest until the...

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A Rough Night!?! Try REV Kombucha with Guayusa TeaJuly 20 2016

A Rough Night!?!  Try REV Kombucha with Guayusa Tea

I typically get between 8-12 hours of sleep.  I was sleep deprived for many years and a good night's sleep helps keep my physical PTSD symptoms low.  I was really dreading doing deliveries today with a restless, frustrating night of only 1.5 hours of sleep.  While traversing Boulder County, I drank coffee, water, and REV Kombucha.  Of all three, the REV made me feel as good as I possibly could under the circumstances.  I didn't even get jittery or get...

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My Tool Bag and ResourcingJune 24 2016

My Tool Bag and Resourcing

With each Jeep repair comes the necessity to purchase more tools.  I get pretty sentimental about my tools even when I purchase the wrong ones.  The feeling of empowerment from fixing my own car only compares to giving natural child birth to my three girls.  At these moments, "I AM Wonder Woman!"  This week was filled with giant pendulum swings between highs and lows.  Totally exhausting!  During the lows, the thought comes to me that I don't deserve to feel...

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The Fuel Pump and Making ConnectionsJune 19 2016

The Fuel Pump and Making Connections

The problem with my Jeep's fuel pump was a lack of an electrical connection.  The intermittent contact was making my gas gauge go wonky, causing a loss of power during acceleration, and, most of the time, not even starting.  A strong connection has been made with a zip tie and electrical tape.  YAY!  It amazes me how the Jeep's repairs continue to parallel my recovery.  I am at the end of an intensive 12 week counseling series.  Domestic abuse over...

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Trust and My Gas GaugeJune 18 2016

Trust and My Gas Gauge

While working on my Jeep, a neighbor commented that I had done so much research that I didn't know which information to trust.  I can't even trust my gas gauge since the fuel pump was recently replaced.  Recovery from domestic violence has revealed a huge lack of trust, understandably.  What I can trust?  The Triune God (The only one that has never let me down.), literally my next footstep, Back to Basics Kitchen's food (I know what we say is...

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1 Night 4 DinnersMay 16 2016

1 Night 4 Dinners

In my household, most mealtimes are filled with PTSD triggers, plus there are various food allergies. It gets tricky!  Back to Basics Kitchen is a lifesaver!  #1 daughter ate something totally different and on her own, #2 ate a brothless Tom Kha Gai, #3 ate Cappello's Gnocchi and the white chicken from the Tom Kha Gai, and I ate Bolognese and Gnocchi.  I heated up food in 3 pots, served real food, and we are one more meal into a...

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High 5!May 15 2016

High 5!

My youngest daughter (a 9 year old) gave me a high five for keeping a clean sink all morning.  (Yes, we are still eating.)  I know this is a common challenge no matter the household or number of kids.  Personally, this is a milestone for me and my girls.  There are many triggers collectively and individually intertwined throughout our living area.  In-home counseling has been helping me reclaim my living space through rewiring my nervous system.  There's less and less...

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Day 29 - Inside OutMay 28 2015

Day 29 - Inside Out

I already knew that food was important. Now, I am discovering that eating ‪#‎realfood‬ has been changing me from the inside out and I like it! ‪#‎b2bkitchen‬'s food is naturally fueling changes I have been trying to force into existence. Hi-Ya!

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Day 28 - ChaosMay 27 2015

Day 28 - Chaos

My family's living areas are in chaos. Currently, there is a lot of time and energy wasted dealing with the chaos. It reminds me of the chaos that I lived in for many years. Chaos is no longer welcome in my life. I even made a sign stating that fact (which hasn't been hung yet). There is enough chaos in this world. (Yes, I only used the word "chaos" because it feels that big and important to me.) My heart...

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