Ways I Eat Well and Keep It Healthy While Traveling and CampingMay 31 2017

Ways I Eat Well and Keep It Healthy While Traveling and Camping

I’m on a diet for my digestion that is pretty much entirely cooked food and mostly fresh veggies, meats, fruits and nuts... and honey.  Traveling is one of the more challenging scenarios for eating for me. Earlier this month I drove out to Joshua Tree, CA for a yoga festival then spent 5 days in Joshua Tree National Park. Two days on the road then eight days of camping gave me lots of time to test out all the tricks...

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The Color of Food: Stories of Race, Resiliance and Farming - May Book ReviewMay 27 2017

The Color of Food: Stories of Race, Resiliance and Farming - May Book Review

Here’s a wonderful, serious, and important book as we step into summer. In The Color of Food, Natasha Bowens takes us on a road trip to meet farmers of color. They talk about farming and a history of land loss, struggle for water, and community. Bowens’s ancestors had worked the fields as slaves, but she does not equate farming with slavery as many of her fellow Black folks do. She does wonder why today’s food and farm movement doesn’t seem...

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Book Club! Lentil Underground - A Page TurnerApril 26 2017

Book Club! Lentil Underground - A Page Turner

Susanna has listened to me rave about this month’s book, Lentil Underground by Liz Carlisle. Maybe I can pique your interest also. The book came out of  Carlisle’s guilt after spending four years as a country singer toting her romanticized agrarian lyrics at concerts across rural America that were sponsored by the big-name agricultural companies. She learned that what her fans knew about farming didn’t square with her pretty lyrics. All they knew was fossil fuel-based chemicals and monoculture cropping...

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So What Season Is It Anyway?!April 01 2017

So What Season Is It Anyway?!

This time of year is always a tricky one for us and any local food lovers. Spring has just started, the promise of fresh lettuces and spring onions and other tender greens is in the air and the buds we see all around. But that time is not quite here.  We're still a few weeks out from the real start of the harvest for most farms locally.And we're also about as far from last growing season before the next that we...

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Lacto Paleo: My Gateway DietMarch 28 2017

Lacto Paleo: My Gateway Diet

Lacto Paleo worked well for about the first month.  Evidently, for me, lacto paleo is a gateway diet to Doritos and Mountain Dew.  I have realized that I am not yet strong enough to make healthy eating choices.  I have been attempting to eat well but have been cheating and non-committal.  The reality is that I need the boundaries of the Whole30.  Today is Day 1 of the Whole30x2, a.k.a. Whole60.  I feel so much better physically, emotionally, have less...

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Stories of Farms and Food - A Book RecommendationMarch 22 2017

Stories of Farms and Food - A Book Recommendation

The books I’ll share in this series focus on the myriad aspects of our industrial food system and on those many who are creating sustainable alternatives to it. Becoming more aware of both our industrial food system and the alternatives might just nudge all of us to ask ourselves how we spend our food dollars and live our lives.   This first book I recommend is Kayann Short’s beautifully evocative ecobiography, A Bushel’s Worth. In it she shares a collection...

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Our Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie RecipeJanuary 25 2017

Our Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe

The first recipe is in weights. It's so much easier! More importantly, it makes it much more likely you'll get the results you want. Scroll down for a more familiar volume recipe At Back to Basics Kitchen, we do everything by weight.Stores like King Soopers and Target sell scales for $20, or you can order one online here.  Many blogs (especially international ones) offer weight and volume in recipes.   I prefer to use scales even at home for ease (less dishes) and accuracy...

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Falling in Love with Grass Fed Beef HeartJanuary 21 2017

Falling in Love with Grass Fed Beef Heart

I'll admit, I wasn't totally sure about the beef heart when we got it. But I've had pork heart before, prepared by the talented folks at SALT restaurant as part of their charcuterie board.  I was pleasantly surprised at the fact that heart was not only edible, it was delicious!So when Jill over at Lasater Ranch told me they had a ton of heart in stock that they'd like to move, I was game. I love experimenting with the cuts...

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Our Menus Are Going Gluten Free. Here's Why.January 04 2017

Our Menus Are Going Gluten Free. Here's Why.

Gluten has always been an interesting topic for me, personally.  First as my favorite ingredient, and now as my favorite ingredient to replace, out of necessity.It's been seven years now since I've eaten gluten.It was a huge shift for me. Before I changed my diet to what it is now - a GAPS (similar to Paleo) diet modified for me based on experimentation. I was a vegetarian for 18 years, ever since I took my stand on meat in the...

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Whole30 SuccessDecember 18 2016

Whole30 Success

The Whole30 was a huge success.  Losing 17 pounds has been wonderful, but the internal and external transformation is the best part of this experience.  As I take the time to listen to what my body needs or doesn't need, I have discovered that shifts in my life seem to occur almost effortlessly.  I can't force my recovery, but I have learned that I can cooperate with the process by having a more open heart in conjunction with healthy boundaries....

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Tips and Tricks for Freezing and Thawing MealsDecember 15 2016

Tips and Tricks for Freezing and Thawing Meals

Freezing in Mason Jars  Shoulders - Any mason jar with a straight edge can be frozen without risk of exploding. Quart jars and narrow mouth pint jars are not a safe choice as they have that "shoulder" where the jar comes in at the top. It also makes them much more annoying to defrost. Head Room -When freezing in straight edge jars always double check you have enough head room - space above the liquid that gives it room to...

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All Cocoa Powders are Not Created EqualDecember 11 2016

All Cocoa Powders are Not Created Equal

First off, what is cocoa powder anyway? Serious Eats tells us that cocoa powder is the dry solid remains of fermented, dried, and roasted cacao beans. The beans are cracked into nibs, which are then ground into a paste made of cocoa solids suspended in near-flavorless cocoa butter. Once processors extract the butter they're left with the crumbly solids, which are then ground into a fine powder. So cocoa powder is the core of a chocolate's flavor, without any extra...

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Radishes - Perfect with Butter and Wine - So Mild!December 08 2016

Radishes - Perfect with Butter and Wine - So Mild!

Cooked radishes?!  Yep. Really, it's not weird. These vegetables make an excellent vehicle for a delicious sauce. With vibrant, beautiful colors, when cooked, they have a sweet, mild taste. Even more so with these fresh picked veggies from Red Wagon Farm.  So crisp and pretty. Our customers rave about this dish - even the skeptics we taste-tested it on. Our French inspired wine and butter sauce is a time tested classic combo of refreshing acidity balanced with the creaminess of butter.   This dish...

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Skate From My HeartDecember 01 2016

Skate From My Heart

Today is Day 15 and the halfway point of the Whole30.  YAY!!  The most challenging part was not surviving Thanksgiving without stuffing my face with lots of pie. It has been to sit with and allow very strong waves of emotions to roll through me.  Sometimes, it feels more like I am drowning in an ocean of rage or grief.  I now know that it is a temporary state and I am not going to die.  This may seem like...

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New Paleo Granola!December 01 2016

New Paleo Granola!

We now have a Paleo version of our popular granola. Bursting with bright flavor, super satisfying and it won't weigh you down. The jars of granola make pretty and tasty gifts, too! We go above and beyond by using: organic extra virgin olive oil (not canola!) baked below smoking point nuts including organic almonds that we've soaked & dehydrated to make super digestible and nutritious organic sprouted (soaked and dehydrated) pumpkin seeds - more digestible and nutritious hemp seeds and...

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Turkey Tips and Thanksgiving Food Fun FactsNovember 24 2016

Turkey Tips and Thanksgiving Food Fun Facts

Brine It: Are you making a turkey this year? Awesome! Here's a blog post we did about brining turkey - it's not too late if you're reading this in morning! Brining helps keep it moist and really ups the turkey game.  Break it down: We always cut our turkeys into parts to cook them. This requires a sharp knife and a bit of trial and error, but it allows you to cook each part of the turkey properly- so you...

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Small Business Saturday Gift Cards - NEW Physical Cards with Gift BoxNovember 20 2016

Small Business Saturday Gift Cards - NEW Physical Cards with Gift Box

Small business Saturday is coming up on November 26th!  Shop local and small after Thanksgiving.   We'll be participating in Small Business Saturday this year by introducing new gift card options, so it's even easier to give real food love for the holidays. Starting next menu you will be able to choose from our current e-Gift Cards and a new physical gift card with the option to include it in a bakery gift box.   The physical gift cards we'll...

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The Year of NormalNovember 17 2016

The Year of Normal

For the past 6 months, I have been gradually finding my normal.  Even the awareness that there is an in between state of being has been helpful.  It's comforting to know that I don't have to be either "falling off the cliff" or doing really well.  I am pretty damn happy finding my feet land on some "run of the mill" ways of living.  If someone had told me that I'd still be dealing with the affects of domestic violence...

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Organic Kale Storage and Recipe TipsNovember 13 2016

Organic Kale Storage and Recipe Tips

I know many of you cook regularly as time allows, and you're good at it!  So we have a special treat this week. Red Wagon Farm has an abundance of organic kale that is so AMAZING and sweet (thanks to the sugars the plant produces in response to the cold nights as I mentioned last week).  But it won't last past our next hard frost - anytime now. If you didn't make it to the farmers market or just want...

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What The Kitchen Teaches Me In Understanding This ElectionNovember 10 2016

What The Kitchen Teaches Me In Understanding This Election

Our small but mighty team here in the kitchen is an interesting little case study of the potential I think we have, and what I love about this country.  And we got here with a lot of work into understanding ourselves and each other. As you know, this is a woman-owned business. And on our team all roles of highest responsibility are filled by women. And it was not that way by force or even design -- we just have...

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Election Cake - A Lost Tradition We Could Use More Than EverNovember 06 2016

Election Cake - A Lost Tradition We Could Use More Than Ever

This has been quite the election.  Let’s bring back some sweetness and gratitude. America used to celebrate Election Day with a special cake - this year we are too! Get our cupcakes online or starting tomorrow (Monday) in the Broomfield Bakery. In the early days local governments would commission huge cakes for community festivities. Elections were an event and often a destination for folk who would have to travel to make it to town for voting. Cake also encouraged voting...

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This Is Kale's Time to ShineNovember 04 2016

This Is Kale's Time to Shine

From Amy at Red Wagon Farm on their order list today (Wednesday): This is the best fall KALE we've ever grown. It is sweet (due to the cold nights) and gorgeous.  We're psyched! So we've featured kale in many of our recipes this week.  If you're on the fence about kale, now is the best time to give it another chance. And if you love it already, you'll really love this.  Kale, along with its other relatives in the brassica...

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A Safe PlaceNovember 01 2016

A Safe Place

I am a good and difficult employee.  I am good in that my character is set; I am hardworking, honest, loyal, and trustworthy.  When I am better, I do better.  I am a difficult employee because I am in recovery from an abusive marriage.  My brain and body struggle daily with a mixture of grief, anxiety, and depression. (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a gift that keeps on giving.)  It ain't pretty, folks.  The food industry is demanding with...

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Sunchokes AKA Jerusalem Artichokes = Delicious! And Intriguing...October 30 2016

Sunchokes AKA Jerusalem Artichokes = Delicious! And Intriguing...

Sunchokes, or Jerusalem Artichokes, are tubers - potato-like in texture but with a surprisingly delightful mild artichoke taste.  Especially fresh from Red Wagon Farm! This makes the artichoke part of the name clear. So what's with the Jerusalem? No one is entirely sure, but a good guess is that Italian Americans called them girasole artichokes. The gi  in Italian is a letter combo that is pronounced like "j" in English - jirasole. And girasole is Italian for sunflower, which the top of these plants resemble. Then time and non-Italian...

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Winter Squash Doesn't Need to Be IntimidatingOctober 23 2016

Winter Squash Doesn't Need to Be Intimidating

It's that time again!! Winter squash time is one of my favorite times of year.  Because I do not eat grains or starchy vegetables like potatoes, winter squash is one of the most comforting similar foods I can enjoy. And so abundant and amazing grown locally! So we've been getting creative over the years with just how to have winter squash beyond something like pumpkin pie or halved with cinnamon. You've seen it in our chili, curries, savory tarts, fritters...

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Garam Masala and How Spices Speak to UsOctober 20 2016

Garam Masala and How Spices Speak to Us

Garam Masala has become a much bigger part of my life recently.   It's a mix of spices widely used in India and, as is so often the case, has many variations. Pretty much all the variations include cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorn, and nutmeg or mace - made from the outer shell that protects the inner nutmeg kernel. We use a fresh ground blend from Savory Spice Shop. Garam masala means "warm spice mix" or "heat mix".  What's so fun...

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Thanksgiving Menu - We Make the Holidays Easy and Delicious!October 16 2016

Thanksgiving Menu - We Make the Holidays Easy and Delicious!

Are the holidays crazy for you? Want to eat well and have a special meal without spending days in the kitchen? We've got you covered! We prepare a special Thanksgiving menu so you can slow down and enjoy your holiday family and friend time -- or get it over with as quickly as possible! Either way, we'll cook from scratch so you don't have to.  We’ll do everything except the turkey to make your Thanksgiving hassle-free and delicious. Tell your guests you...

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Apples - They Get So Much Better Than Red DeliciousOctober 13 2016

Apples - They Get So Much Better Than Red Delicious

Red Delicious used to be the one of the only apple varieties available. Remember?  And Red Delicious, for most of us, are decidedly not delicious.  Mealy and bland, not the best apple representative.  These days though there are so many varieties with different levels of crispness and sweetness.  And some of them are SO delicious.  Remember how things changed when Honeycrisp suddenly appeared?  Well, this is largely thanks to an enterprising apple farmer and a miracle apple. Check out his...

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Radishes - A Whole New Vegetable When CookedOctober 09 2016

Radishes - A Whole New Vegetable When Cooked

Featuring Radish and Sweet Turnip in Butter Sauce Cooked radishes?!  Yep. Really, it's not weird. Actually, cooking makes the radishes mellow, pleasantly mild, and sweeter.  It de-activates the enzyme in radish skin that when cut raw starts a reaction that creates mustard oil and that sharp, mustard/ wasabi like sinus clearing spiciness.   So cooked, these vegetables make an excellent vehicle for a delicious sauce.  You'll discover a whole new world of vegetable eating when you get into cooking radish! Did you get...

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Family Meal Planning for the Non-PlannerOctober 05 2016

Family Meal Planning for the Non-Planner

A Guest Post by Susan Kracklauer, a longtime (4 years!) BBK supporter, customer, and holistic nutritionist of Zest Family Nutrition: When I talk to my friends about what’s for dinner they are always shocked to find out I don’t sit down weekly and make a plan. Why is that? Aren’t Nutritionists supposed to be experts at that? Probably, but it’s just not me. It’s not that I am not in favor of meal planning…I even recommend it to my clients....

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NEW BBK Granola!September 30 2016

NEW BBK Granola!

Our friends at Colorado Granola Company, who have been making the granola you've been enjoying this year, have moved to Utah.   Rather than ship granola across state lines, we've used inspiration their to make our own.  We chose Colorado Granola initially because they were using some of the best quality ingredients we've seen in granola.  If you read your packages carefully, you'll see that most granola uses non-organic oats, cheap refined oils - usually canola, and lots of cane...

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Taste and Wellness Through WaterSeptember 23 2016

Taste and Wellness Through Water

For the last few years, we've been using El Dorado Spring Water to make our soups, stews, stocks etc.  We started using this water for two reasons: it tastes amazing, and it doesn't have fluoride, chlorine, loads of heavy metals, and other unhealthy chemicals.  Water is often an overlooked ingredient. It is an ingredient! It's one of the many more subtle reasons our bone broth and soups can taste so good, better than others, even when the few simple ingredients...

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Aspen Moon Farm's Boc Choi and Tat SoiSeptember 23 2016

Aspen Moon Farm's Boc Choi and Tat Soi

Mix It Up with our Sesame and Ginger Asian Greens Skillet This Week   We love kale. And spinach. And broccoli  But there are so many other beautiful vegetables out there to eat, too!  This week try out the lovely boc choi and tat soi from Aspen Moon Farm featured in our veggie skillet. Both are tender and mild with delightfully crisp stems that are not fibrous.  Both bok choi and tat soi are members of the cabbage family (along with broccoli and cauliflower) though...

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Happy Fall Equinox!September 22 2016

Happy Fall Equinox!

Today, we've arrived at the second point in the year when the length of daylight and nighttime are nearly equal.  A great moment to pause, to consider where you've been and we're you're headed at this transition point.  And celebrate everything you've accomplished this summer or aspects of your life for which you are grateful.  We're experiencing this solstice as a wonderful mix of the last boom of hot summer weather crops (peppers!) and welcoming delicious fall favorites (pears!). Also...

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Guar Gum - What it is & why it's gone from our ingredientsSeptember 15 2016

Guar Gum - What it is & why it's gone from our ingredients

I've had a bit of a dilemma for the past year.  We only use three canned products, ever, in our cooking. One is tomatoes when we've run out of what we've preserved, for about three months of the year. The second is tuna fish, and the third - and most common - is coconut milk.   We've done a lot of coconut milk research, and the Natural Value brand has come up on top in terms of trustworthiness and quality....

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The Perennial Plate - Catch the Colorado SeasonSeptember 11 2016

The Perennial Plate - Catch the Colorado Season

I just discovered this series The Perennial Plate. It's a James Beard award winning online documentary dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating by chef and activist Daniel Klein.  This most recent season, Season 4, is all in Colorado.  I love it because Daniel Klein doesn't take a hard line on what exactly "sustainable" and "socially responsible" mean. Rather he tells stories (with beautiful imagery) that help us to gain perspective and really contemplate what these mean to us.  After having...

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