New Packing Method to Increase Shelf Life March 23 2016

Hot Packed food keeps for at least 10 days prior to opening

tattler reusable white canning lidsWe are now packing all our soups, chicken stock, and any stews/curries/chilies in mason jars while hot, then immediately plunging them in an ice bath.  

And our new BPA free reusable lids and plastic seals have arrived!  This will make it clearer which items have this seal and also allow us to continue to reduce our packaging waste. Currently we have to buy new lids every week to heat seal!

Please return the plastic lids, rubber rings and metal rings as promptly as possible. We do ask you return these reusable lids - otherwise their benefit is negated!

If you would like to purchase some for your own home use please ask.

Hot packing and then dunking in an ice bath forms a seal on the mason jar that extends freshness.

ice bathThis is not canning or preservation. The food is still fresh and still has a (longer) shelf life, which we recommend as 10 days.

Order these items and have them stay fresh until you get next week's order!