Redefining EverythingJuly 02 2017

Redefining Everything

"How long does it take to redefine everything?"  A rhetorical question I posed to my domestic violence counselor.  I already knew the answer, "A long time."  In my humble opinion, there are many folks walking around with "trauma brain" that don't realize it or maybe don't know what to do about it.  They may need reframe "everything" or, at least, "something". The good news is that in redefining "everything" (or "something") the physical and psychological pain are transformed into joy...

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Skate From My HeartDecember 01 2016

Skate From My Heart

Today is Day 15 and the halfway point of the Whole30.  YAY!!  The most challenging part was not surviving Thanksgiving without stuffing my face with lots of pie. It has been to sit with and allow very strong waves of emotions to roll through me.  Sometimes, it feels more like I am drowning in an ocean of rage or grief.  I now know that it is a temporary state and I am not going to die.  This may seem like...

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The Year of NormalNovember 17 2016

The Year of Normal

For the past 6 months, I have been gradually finding my normal.  Even the awareness that there is an in between state of being has been helpful.  It's comforting to know that I don't have to be either "falling off the cliff" or doing really well.  I am pretty damn happy finding my feet land on some "run of the mill" ways of living.  If someone had told me that I'd still be dealing with the affects of domestic violence...

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A Safe PlaceNovember 01 2016

A Safe Place

I am a good and difficult employee.  I am good in that my character is set; I am hardworking, honest, loyal, and trustworthy.  When I am better, I do better.  I am a difficult employee because I am in recovery from an abusive marriage.  My brain and body struggle daily with a mixture of grief, anxiety, and depression. (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a gift that keeps on giving.)  It ain't pretty, folks.  The food industry is demanding with...

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