A Safe PlaceNovember 01 2016

A Safe Place

I am a good and difficult employee.  I am good in that my character is set; I am hardworking, honest, loyal, and trustworthy.  When I am better, I do better.  I am a difficult employee because I am in recovery from an abusive marriage.  My brain and body struggle daily with a mixture of grief, anxiety, and depression. (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a gift that keeps on giving.)  It ain't pretty, folks.  The food industry is demanding with...

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Sunchokes AKA Jerusalem Artichokes = Delicious! And Intriguing...October 30 2016

Sunchokes AKA Jerusalem Artichokes = Delicious! And Intriguing...

Sunchokes, or Jerusalem Artichokes, are tubers - potato-like in texture but with a surprisingly delightful mild artichoke taste.  Especially fresh from Red Wagon Farm! This makes the artichoke part of the name clear. So what's with the Jerusalem? No one is entirely sure, but a good guess is that Italian Americans called them girasole artichokes. The gi  in Italian is a letter combo that is pronounced like "j" in English - jirasole. And girasole is Italian for sunflower, which the top of these plants resemble. Then time and non-Italian...

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Winter Squash Doesn't Need to Be IntimidatingOctober 23 2016

Winter Squash Doesn't Need to Be Intimidating

It's that time again!! Winter squash time is one of my favorite times of year.  Because I do not eat grains or starchy vegetables like potatoes, winter squash is one of the most comforting similar foods I can enjoy. And so abundant and amazing grown locally! So we've been getting creative over the years with just how to have winter squash beyond something like pumpkin pie or halved with cinnamon. You've seen it in our chili, curries, savory tarts, fritters...

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Garam Masala and How Spices Speak to UsOctober 20 2016

Garam Masala and How Spices Speak to Us

Garam Masala has become a much bigger part of my life recently.   It's a mix of spices widely used in India and, as is so often the case, has many variations. Pretty much all the variations include cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorn, and nutmeg or mace - made from the outer shell that protects the inner nutmeg kernel. We use a fresh ground blend from Savory Spice Shop. Garam masala means "warm spice mix" or "heat mix".  What's so fun...

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Thanksgiving Menu - We Make the Holidays Easy and Delicious!October 16 2016

Thanksgiving Menu - We Make the Holidays Easy and Delicious!

Are the holidays crazy for you? Want to eat well and have a special meal without spending days in the kitchen? We've got you covered! We prepare a special Thanksgiving menu so you can slow down and enjoy your holiday family and friend time -- or get it over with as quickly as possible! Either way, we'll cook from scratch so you don't have to.  We’ll do everything except the turkey to make your Thanksgiving hassle-free and delicious. Tell your guests you...

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Apples - They Get So Much Better Than Red DeliciousOctober 13 2016

Apples - They Get So Much Better Than Red Delicious

Red Delicious used to be the one of the only apple varieties available. Remember?  And Red Delicious, for most of us, are decidedly not delicious.  Mealy and bland, not the best apple representative.  These days though there are so many varieties with different levels of crispness and sweetness.  And some of them are SO delicious.  Remember how things changed when Honeycrisp suddenly appeared?  Well, this is largely thanks to an enterprising apple farmer and a miracle apple. Check out his...

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Radishes - A Whole New Vegetable When CookedOctober 09 2016

Radishes - A Whole New Vegetable When Cooked

Featuring Radish and Sweet Turnip in Butter Sauce Cooked radishes?!  Yep. Really, it's not weird. Actually, cooking makes the radishes mellow, pleasantly mild, and sweeter.  It de-activates the enzyme in radish skin that when cut raw starts a reaction that creates mustard oil and that sharp, mustard/ wasabi like sinus clearing spiciness.   So cooked, these vegetables make an excellent vehicle for a delicious sauce.  You'll discover a whole new world of vegetable eating when you get into cooking radish! Did you get...

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Family Meal Planning for the Non-PlannerOctober 05 2016

Family Meal Planning for the Non-Planner

A Guest Post by Susan Kracklauer, a longtime (4 years!) BBK supporter, customer, and holistic nutritionist of Zest Family Nutrition: When I talk to my friends about what’s for dinner they are always shocked to find out I don’t sit down weekly and make a plan. Why is that? Aren’t Nutritionists supposed to be experts at that? Probably, but it’s just not me. It’s not that I am not in favor of meal planning…I even recommend it to my clients....

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NEW BBK Granola!September 30 2016

NEW BBK Granola!

Our friends at Colorado Granola Company, who have been making the granola you've been enjoying this year, have moved to Utah.   Rather than ship granola across state lines, we've used inspiration their to make our own.  We chose Colorado Granola initially because they were using some of the best quality ingredients we've seen in granola.  If you read your packages carefully, you'll see that most granola uses non-organic oats, cheap refined oils - usually canola, and lots of cane...

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Taste and Wellness Through WaterSeptember 23 2016

Taste and Wellness Through Water

For the last few years, we've been using El Dorado Spring Water to make our soups, stews, stocks etc.  We started using this water for two reasons: it tastes amazing, and it doesn't have fluoride, chlorine, loads of heavy metals, and other unhealthy chemicals.  Water is often an overlooked ingredient. It is an ingredient! It's one of the many more subtle reasons our bone broth and soups can taste so good, better than others, even when the few simple ingredients...

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Aspen Moon Farm's Boc Choi and Tat SoiSeptember 23 2016

Aspen Moon Farm's Boc Choi and Tat Soi

Mix It Up with our Sesame and Ginger Asian Greens Skillet This Week   We love kale. And spinach. And broccoli  But there are so many other beautiful vegetables out there to eat, too!  This week try out the lovely boc choi and tat soi from Aspen Moon Farm featured in our veggie skillet. Both are tender and mild with delightfully crisp stems that are not fibrous.  Both bok choi and tat soi are members of the cabbage family (along with broccoli and cauliflower) though...

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Happy Fall Equinox!September 22 2016

Happy Fall Equinox!

Today, we've arrived at the second point in the year when the length of daylight and nighttime are nearly equal.  A great moment to pause, to consider where you've been and we're you're headed at this transition point.  And celebrate everything you've accomplished this summer or aspects of your life for which you are grateful.  We're experiencing this solstice as a wonderful mix of the last boom of hot summer weather crops (peppers!) and welcoming delicious fall favorites (pears!). Also...

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Guar Gum - What it is & why it's gone from our ingredientsSeptember 15 2016

Guar Gum - What it is & why it's gone from our ingredients

I've had a bit of a dilemma for the past year.  We only use three canned products, ever, in our cooking. One is tomatoes when we've run out of what we've preserved, for about three months of the year. The second is tuna fish, and the third - and most common - is coconut milk.   We've done a lot of coconut milk research, and the Natural Value brand has come up on top in terms of trustworthiness and quality....

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The Perennial Plate - Catch the Colorado SeasonSeptember 11 2016

The Perennial Plate - Catch the Colorado Season

I just discovered this series The Perennial Plate. It's a James Beard award winning online documentary dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous eating by chef and activist Daniel Klein.  This most recent season, Season 4, is all in Colorado.  I love it because Daniel Klein doesn't take a hard line on what exactly "sustainable" and "socially responsible" mean. Rather he tells stories (with beautiful imagery) that help us to gain perspective and really contemplate what these mean to us.  After having...

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Healing with Food - Sharing is PowerfulSeptember 08 2016

Healing with Food - Sharing is Powerful

I had the opportunity to spend this past weekend on a solo wilderness retreat. I enjoyed three days in isolated Northern New Mexico with 13 others, mostly in spirit, as we all participated in supported pure nature alone time. Our hosts have a large, beautiful ranch with dedicated camping spots  with water caches near by. We all went out and knew that for three days it was just us and the wild.  We hiked in once a day to leave...

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Human & Wild Bird Honey Hunting CollaborationSeptember 04 2016

Human & Wild Bird Honey Hunting Collaboration

Honey is one of our most precious ingredients. It makes most of our Paleo desserts possible, and its amazing all on its own with its distinctive flavors that reflect so clearly what the bees eat and where they've been. So much effort goes into honey. So this BBC video showing how folks in East Africa and the honeyguide bird work together to find hives and gather is super fun.  Birds love honey too, and they've figured out how to communicate...

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Santa Rosa Plum and Almond Cake with CardamomSeptember 01 2016

Santa Rosa Plum and Almond Cake with Cardamom

The plums from Ela Family Farms are amazing! This week we're featuring the Santa Rosa variety, a more classic purple plum with beautiful, juicy, sweet flash and a tart skin that makes the most vibrant color when cooked.  Try out our new cake. It's paleo and Italian inspired with an almond flour base and hint of olive oil flavor (same combo as in our Apple Spice Muffins for those of you familiar) and a little twist of cardamom. So amazing...

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Are the Chile Peppers Spicier This Year?August 28 2016

Are the Chile Peppers Spicier This Year?

Chile peppers' spiciness comes from the chemical called capsaicin, which protects the seeds of the chile pepper fruit (yes, chile peppers are also a fruit, like our tomato friends last week).  How much capsaicin a chile pepper contains makes its spicier. But it's not just the type of chile (and thus its genetics) that determines how much of this chemical the plant has.  The weather and growing conditions affect the amount as well. Drier drought like conditions and higher temperatures...

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Cream of Celery Soup Can Actually Be Fresh and DeliciousAugust 25 2016

Cream of Celery Soup Can Actually Be Fresh and Delicious

This is a first for us, and we're excited.  There are some more classic, simple soups - mostly of the "cream of" variety - that have become better know for their less-than-spectacular canned versions. Though the canned version can hold some amount of nostalgia for some of us, we definitely encourage you to try this fresh version. We're boosting the organic celery flavor with Red Wagon Farm lovage and balancing it with their sweet onions. Lovage is a very potent...

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Terrific Tomato TidbitsAugust 21 2016

Terrific Tomato Tidbits

As many of you probably know, tomatoes are technically a fruit.  Though we treat them like a vegetable in many ways, storage should not be one of them. To maintain the best flavor, never refrigerate a tomato. Tomatoes (and fruits including peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots) continue ripening after picking. Chilling puts the breaks on ripening and also damages the enzymes that create flavor. Ideally, keep them in your fruit bowl on the counter and use them as soon as...

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Shine Potions ~ More Than Just A DrinkAugust 19 2016

Shine Potions ~ More Than Just A Drink

So fun! Not only are these new drinks by the ladies over at Shine Restaurant in Boulder delicious and super refreshing, they are totally potions.  Each flavor has a different combination of juices, herbs, roots and spices to help cultivate a desired state of being. And they are even tuned with different sound frequencies, flower and gemstone essences.   They make us feel special and always add a little magic to the day. We love it. Check out the all the...

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Enjoying Eating as Part of Something BiggerAugust 18 2016

Enjoying Eating as Part of Something Bigger

I had the pleasure of returning home just as the full moon was rising opposite a gorgeous light turquoise, muted orange and magenta sky. The clouds looked almost flat, surreal. Gorgeous. In recent years I've started taking the time to pause and walk and enjoy the full moon rise. I find it so captivating and a reminder of a broader perspective, that cliche of being part of something bigger.  This evening did have me considering how important that sentiment is, however...

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Oh, Colorado, You Do Fruit So WellAugust 11 2016

Oh, Colorado, You Do Fruit So Well

This is a sweet treat to celebrate. Put your feet up and enjoy a crisp on one of these refreshing summer evenings, and experience how lucky we are to have all this amazing fruit in Colorado.  This week's dessert is all about showing off our summer fruit from Ela Family Farms, including one you may be less familiar with - the Shiro Plum. This plum is greenish-yellow fruit, just about the size of a roundish egg, has a firmer flesh and is more plum...

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Local Wild Salmon!?!July 31 2016

Local Wild Salmon!?!

Chowder for Summer with Our Favorite Fish!   Wild alaskan salmon we buy straight from Matt at Wild Alaska Direct, a Boulder based fisherman. This fish is from the latest catch in Bristol Bay, Alaska - the season is just finishing up there. See more on Wild Alaska Direct on Instagram here (and check us out too!).  So we know this salmon is good. We've decided to feature it a new way - simmered in a creamy broth of our house made chicken...

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How Do We Plan Our Meals? Sometimes We Don'tJuly 28 2016

How Do We Plan Our Meals?  Sometimes We Don't

Kohlrabi Slaw! This Week's Example of How Our Menus Are So Local It's 9:19pm and I'm writing the newsletter after a lovely but busy day of folks picking up meals, buying extras, and chatting in Broomfield. Customers often ask us what's on the next menu. Tonight is one example of why we don't always know the answer. Originally we were not going offer Kohlrabi Slaw this week. We were going to have a Salvadoran pickled salad called curtido.  While we are...

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What the Heck is Zaatar? And Why Is the Lamb So Mild?July 24 2016

What the Heck is Zaatar? And Why Is the Lamb So Mild?

You'll see our popular Middle Eastern Spiced Lamb Burgers on the menu this week featuring Zaatar. A spice blend commonly used in the Middle East, it's not as familiar in the US. Here's the deal: Za'atar features the dried fruit of sumac, a subtropical flowering shrub, a couple of varieties of which you can actually find and forage in the United States. The Stagnorn Sumac seems to be one of the most popular for its potency. Sumac tastes lemony and light, and is a...

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Road Trips and Car Camping Can Be Easy, Delicious and HealthyJuly 21 2016

Road Trips and Car Camping Can Be Easy, Delicious and Healthy

Summer is road trip time. Camp in the mountains and enjoy some hiking or hang out by a creek. I love car camping. It's usually associated with a rock climbing trip for me, but recently I've been getting out simply to be outside and take pause and turn all my screens off.  I also love cooking while camping... but not all the time. Sometimes the climbing day takes a bit, I want to stay up on a hike for a...

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The Best of the Growing Season Is Coming... Help Us Preserve It! (And UPDATE)July 19 2016

The Best of the Growing Season Is Coming... Help Us Preserve It! (And UPDATE)

Paying for a number of orders ahead gives us the cash flow we need Ironically, the time we have the most abundance locally is the time the least amount of people order.  Summer is actually our "off season" - we experience a dip in sales of anywhere from 25-33% in summer. Folks are on vacation, kids' schedules are constantly changing, some people get CSA boxes... We also spend much more in the summer, because we want to preserve this goodness for you to...

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5 Secrets to Grilling Stellar BurgersJuly 18 2016

5 Secrets to Grilling Stellar Burgers

It is full on grilling season, especially with this crazy heat. We'll be featuring grillable items the next few weeks to get you a head start on summer fare. All our veggie burgers grill up nicely as well.  And whether you've started the quest for the best burger on your own or use our burgers to get you a head start, this article from Epicurious is super helpful: Get your five biggest burger questions answered here. And a clever customer pointed...

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Creative Summer Real Food Treats for Pets with Bone Broth!July 18 2016

Creative Summer Real Food Treats for Pets with Bone Broth!

Many of you may recall the post about my (Susanna's) cats loving our chicken bone broth.  (They still do).  In the intervening months I have acquired my first dog, a 10 year old chihuahua named Henry.  Henry and I spent two days in Buena Vista recently and discovered a most tasty food truck (actually turquiose school bus) named TThe Bearded Lady. It's owned by a pig farmer, very fresh, and very locally oriented. Best part? Pupsicles. Frozen chicken broth on a...

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Gremolata - From Good to Great!July 10 2016

Gremolata - From Good to Great!

We're featuring Triple M Bar ranch lamb shanks this week - so mild, fall off the bone amazing tender - with a special bright and classic condiment - gremolata.  Elise of Simply Recipes (an amazing and spot on recipe source for pretty much anything you can think of) says it the best: "Parsley, garlic, and lemon zest—the most basic of ingredients, yet together, they are cymbals in the food orchestra. Noisy alone, but perfect to accentuate a lamb stew or veal...

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Who Owns Your Favorite Natural Food Brands?July 01 2016

Who Owns Your Favorite Natural Food Brands?

Where's Your Money Going When You Buy Natural and Organic? If you haven't already seen this chart, it will change your understanding of the food industry profoundly. It is far more concentrated than many of us realize. This chart (click here for a larger pdf) is updated as of January 2016 and details the relationships and history of acquisitions by larger companies over more than a decade. I (Susanna) first saw this chart as part of a Pomona College food policy class over a...

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Are Sweet Potatoes The Same as Yams? Are They Even Potatoes?!!June 24 2016

Are Sweet Potatoes The Same as Yams? Are They Even Potatoes?!!

It's frustratingly confusing if you've ever tried to figure out the difference between yams and sweet potatoes in the store. Or given a list to a loved one who comes back with a white vegetable instead of the orange one you expected.  So what's the deal?  Well, we discovered we have some linguistic antics and a marketing campaign from the 1930's to help explain why everything so darn weird.  First, though, the answer is, NO they're not actually potatoes. Say what?!  True potatoes...

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Coconut Milk Is Just So Amazing... Do You Know How It's Made?June 19 2016

Coconut Milk Is Just So Amazing... Do You Know How It's Made?

Coconut milk is creamy, decadent, and an awesome alternative to those who are sensitive to dairy, nuts, and soy.  And it’s full of essential vitamins, minerals, and healthy fat.  Coconut milk can boost immune and heart health as well as regulate blood sugar and improve digestion.  Because it’s so nourishing,  we love to use coconut milk in lots of our meals.  Have you ever wondered how coconut milk is made?  When you crack open a coconut, the liquid that pours...

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Ghee - A Traditional Indian Fat Made From ButterJune 17 2016

Ghee - A Traditional Indian Fat Made From Butter

We're always looking to take advantage of time honored, healthy cooking fats.  Ghee is a type of clarified butter. Ghee (from the Sanskrit for "bright") brings beautiful rich and soothing element to dishes. It has been used in India for centuries as a cooking fat. It is notable from butter due to its high smoke point. This is because it doesn't have milk solids to burn (they've been filtered out). So you can't do "browned butter" with this, but you can crank it up...

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Soaps Featuring Local Beef Tallow Made by Chef Bri!June 10 2016

Soaps Featuring Local Beef Tallow Made by Chef Bri!

Our Chef Bri is multitalented. She not only makes our food taste so delicious but also creates amazing soap!   Because what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it, Bri crafts these soaps with the same care and fresh quality ingredients as our food.  These soaps feature rendered beef fat, tallow, the same ingredient that makes the natural deodorant we sell so crazy effective without the crap. No funny stuff needed! Animal fat is a...

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