Broomfield Kitchen Drop-In Meal Purchases and Paleo BakeryJune 03 2016

Broomfield Kitchen Drop-In Meal Purchases and Paleo Bakery

Now open on Monday and Tuesdays plus regular Wednesday hours Now you don't need to wait those last couple days if you've run out of food!  We're exploring different ways to expand our offerings and make them even more convenient. First up - more days open the beginning of the week AND more Paleo** (and regular gluten free) baked goods.   Stop by our Broomfield kitchen from 8am-5:30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays in addition to our regular 12-6:30pm Wednesday pick...

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Rev KombuchaMay 31 2016

Rev Kombucha

We're particularly excited to offer this kombucha as it is a new venture by one of our customers. Yes, you have so many kombuchas to choose from in this kombucha crazed area, and we tell you, this is amazing! Kombucha is a delicious fermented tea for those of you unfamiliar.  It's a mild kombucha, so not as potent sour tasting, which also makes it great for kombucha skeptics and kids. The Grapefruit Ginger Sage is super refreshing, uses honey rather than...

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The Big Deal About Lard... and Does Fat Really Make You Fat?May 21 2016

The Big Deal About Lard... and Does Fat Really Make You Fat?

Growing up, I was taught to fear fat.  I was told to avoid butter, to eat egg whites, but not the yolk, to drink nonfat milk, and to pull the skin off chicken.  My mother had high cholesterol and was determined that we would be a family of healthy eaters.  Does this story sound familiar?  Have you been taught to fear fat? Traditional cultures have enjoyed an abundance of animal fat in their diets.  This used to be true of...

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Why We Soak and Dehydrate Our NutsMay 15 2016

Why We Soak and Dehydrate Our Nuts

Nuts are delicious, super versatile, and nutritional powerhouses. This makes them an excellent ingredient in our grain free desserts.  However, nuts contain not-so-helpful phytic acid, so we take extra care to prepare them properly.  Phytic acid blocks the absorption of minerals and enzymes, which means that consuming too much of it is not the best for your health, and you're also not getting all the goodness you can from the nuts.   Luckily, there's an easy solution! In order to break...

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Lovage and Stinging NettlesMay 12 2016

Lovage and Stinging Nettles

Powerful and Delicious Spring Offerings Ever heard of lovage? Eaten stinging nettles? Thanks to Red Wagon Farm, we have beautiful organic versions of both in this weeks menu.  Stinging nettles?! Yes, for real. They're literally a pain to harvest and demand respect in the kitchen as well, but as soon as you steam them or soak them in cold water the stinging part is neutralized.  What's left is spinach-like, but with it's own distinct flair. Here's more on the traditional...

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Eggs! From Jodar Farms to You - A Seasonal Add-onMay 09 2016

Eggs! From Jodar Farms to You - A Seasonal Add-on

The main reason our food is so satisfying, tasty and nourishing is because of the high quality ingredients we use.  Right now, likely for the next couple months, is high season for eggs. And Jodar Farms has a surplus! To help Jodar Farms move the eggs so all of this precious abundance is enjoyed and to help you get the highest quality food possible, we're offering Jodar Farms eggs, in one dozen containers, as part of our menu.  They'll be here...

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We've Got Ferments! Condiments to Spice Things Up. Here's Why:May 06 2016

We've Got Ferments! Condiments to Spice Things Up. Here's Why:

Nestled into the foothills McCauley Family Farm is a whole farm ecosystem that nourishes people and planet. They are a certified organic farm offering 80-100 varieties of organic produce. Culinary and medical herbs are grown in the farm's perennial gardens. Additionally, they offer seasonal ferments and pickled goods through their Wild Fermentation and Food Preservation Program.   Guided by the vision that food should be delicious, nourishing, and healing for both humans and the Earth, McCauley Family Farm is becoming a...

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Eggs Are In Season ~ Frittata Time!May 02 2016

Eggs Are In Season ~ Frittata Time!

Many people don't realize that eggs are a seasonal product. Hens stop laying in winter (unless supplemented with artificial light and heat) due to shorter days and cold weather.  So when spring comes and we're back to local eggs with their gorgeous orange yolks, it's an exciting time! A frittata is like a crustless quiche - cheesy, satisfying and delicious!  Featuring Jodar Farms eggs, Red Wagon Farm organic spinach, James Ranch (Durango) 100% grassfed raw milk cheese, pecorino cheese, and organic gold...

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Gluten Free Cornbread Recipe (With Optional Jam Filling)April 27 2016

Gluten Free Cornbread Recipe (With Optional Jam Filling)

This is a quick recipe that comes out fluffy and flavorful and just a little dry, as cornbread should be, making it perfect to soak up butter and honey, your favorite soup, or our Grassfed Beef Chili. Or try our version with jam in the middle for something a little different! The first recipe is in weights. It's so much easier! More importantly it makes it much more likely you'll get the results you want. Scroll down for a more familiar volume...

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Humor and HealingApril 24 2016

Humor and Healing

This is Why We Love What We Do Hearing our customers' stories is always such a blessing. It is the ultimate reward for all the work and passion everyone on the BBK team pours into this business.   This past week we received the email below. It exemplifies the ultimate goal of our meal service - to support health - and it also shows how amazing our customers are! The email came as a reply to Susanna after she notified...

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Zeus, Grounding, and GardeningApril 24 2016

Zeus, Grounding, and Gardening

Zeus the cat keeps me, Susanna, on task while weeding. Gardening of any kind helps me grounded and feeling more connected, especially as a Vata‬ Gemini! Hope all of you are able to take some time this lovely Sunday evening to nourish your soul.

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Sweet RewardApril 23 2016

Sweet Reward

Because sometimes a little sweet treat, relaxed emotional eating can be healthy after a long week. Love these quick #paleo banana pancakes from @nomnompaleo.

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Local Food is FunApril 23 2016

Local Food is Fun

Another successful ingredient pick up at Boulder County Farmers Markets! Along with these lovely greens and garlic we also got sorrel, chicory, cases of eggs and tons of leaf lard from Jodar Farms and amazing lamb necks from Triple M Bar Ranch ranch. And such a gorgeous it!!! One more reason why local food is fun.

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Happy Earth Day!April 22 2016

Happy Earth Day!

Straight from the Farm - Green Garlic and Spinach! Susanna had the pleasure of picking up our spinach and green garlic from Red Wagon Farm this Monday morning. Here's the story of your green garlic travels this week, which is now settled into it's final form in your Green Garlic and Dill Salmon: And the spinach from Red Wagon Farm is better than ever! You'll find it in the Chicken Soup with Basil (and green garlic!) Pesto you're eating now....

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Mad about SaffronApril 11 2016

Mad about Saffron

What Is Saffron and Why's It So Expensive Anyway? We're featuring Roasted Cauliflower with Saffron this week... it's so distinctly and subtly delicious and an synergistic combination. You'll forget you're eating vegetables, thanks to the fragrance of saffron. So what is saffron? Saffron is the stigma of a Crocus sativus flower which blooms for only three weeks every fall. Each bulb produces approximately two to nine flowers per season which contain three long, red-orange stigmas. It takes the stigmas of one hundred...

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Lasater Ranch Beef Bone BrothApril 08 2016

Lasater Ranch Beef Bone Broth

Local meats are one thing we can get year round. This is a tough time of year as we wait for the Spring crops to fully come in yet Fall crops are along way behind us.  And we are so lucky to have Lasater Ranch in our back yard. They are a nationally recognized ranch who pioneered grazing techniques in the US that have actually helped revive the native short grass prairie, and have been featured in the book Fast Food Nation,...

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Expanded Delivery, Lower Rates!!April 08 2016

Expanded Delivery, Lower Rates!!

Expanded Delivery, Lower Rates, Free Delivery for $150+ Orders A special celebratory delivery price of $6.95 for the next few weeks. Now our food is even more convenient! We're expanding meal delivery, starting with the Lafayette and Louisville regions (in addition to our Boulder city delivery).

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First Greens Are Here and They're So Sweet!April 03 2016

First Greens Are Here and They're So Sweet!

It's Lasagna Time!! We are so excited for the first produce of the season. We're featuring the sweetest organic spinach of the year from Red Wagon Farm in our Creamy Greens and Cheese Lasagna with Pesto this week - which also uses Cappello's amazing gluten free fresh pasta.   And here's a taste of what's coming with a local produce report from Wyatt of Red Wagon Farm himself. You'll being seeing all these ingredients in your meals soon: "In February...

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Press PauseApril 01 2016

Press Pause

It's been a packed few weeks so I, Susanna, am stopping between Boulder errands at  for my favorite Banana Mint Chip smoothie and a drawing session. The computer (and soon phone) is off for an hour. I love this atmosphere. The more busy and exciting things get, the less I slow down and take care of myself. This is the opposite of what is needed. And the funny part is after these breaks I usually get more productive! It's just...

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Dogs and Cats Love Our Chicken Bone Broth Too!March 30 2016

Dogs and Cats Love Our Chicken Bone Broth Too!

I, Susanna, have two cats named Tuna and Zeus. They're mostly on a grain free dry food diet. Not optimal, but it fits my schedule. So I started feeding them our chicken stock / bone broth every morning. Here's a picture of Zeus cleaning the chicken fat off the rim as we finished up a jar. It's done wonders.  They go nuts for it! I've noticed their coats are shinier. They're getting all the nourishing minerals, gelatin, and much needed hydration. Highly recommend our...

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Save Your Check Out Info, Save Time, and Save Us $ - Win, Win, Win!March 23 2016

Save Your Check Out Info, Save Time, and Save Us $ - Win, Win, Win!

We have a new payment option. You may now choose to pay with Dwolla (or still use your credit card). Sign up for Dwolla here - it's quick! Dwolla allows you to pay us directly from your bank account to ours. All you do is log in to Dwolla, which has your info stored, during check out. More convenient! No having to search for then enter your credit card info every time! Just choose Dwolla during check out when you...

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New Packing Method to Increase Shelf LifeMarch 23 2016

New Packing Method to Increase Shelf Life

Hot Packed food keeps for at least 10 days prior to opening We are now packing all our soups, chicken stock, and any stews/curries/chilies in mason jars while hot, then immediately plunging them in an ice bath.   And our new BPA free reusable lids and plastic seals have arrived!  This will make it clearer which items have this seal and also allow us to continue to reduce our packaging waste. Currently we have to buy new lids every week to heat...

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Clark's Savory Spice Shop SuggestionsJanuary 11 2016

Clark's Savory Spice Shop Suggestions

How does Clark from Boulder's Savory Spice Shop eat our real food?  1, 2, 3... (left to right) Raw Smoky Chipotle Pork Burger, Ooo La Lard for Cooking, Savory's Barrier Reef Caribbean seasoning, Savory's Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt, Moroccan Spiced Chickpeas, Savory's Bourbon Barrel Smoked Salt, Blanker's Whiskey, and Fresh Beet Salad.     Smoky Chipotle Pork Burgers cooked in a bit of lard with Barrier Reef Caribbean seasoning and Bourbon Barrel Smoked Salt.   Smoky Chipotle Pork Burgers...

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Why We're Grateful to You - Happy Thanksgiving!November 26 2015

Why We're Grateful to You - Happy Thanksgiving!

This year so much has come together for all of us at Back to Basics Kitchen.  You all are making our dreams - and some things we've never dreamed of! - come true.Here are a few personal messages of gratitude we each wanted to share with you all. Thank you from all of us!   As pictured starting on the left- Amy, Tim, Susanna, Bri, Steve, Catherin and Deysi. Plus... a brining turkey.From Steve- I would like to thank the Back...

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How to Brine a TurkeyNovember 21 2015

How to Brine a Turkey

Brining meat is letting it soak in salt water before cooking. You may add optional flavorings and get as fancy as you like, but this simple step will make your turkey (or any meat, really) much more moist, juicy, and delicious.   1. Our go-to source for brining is this guide from Cooks Illustrated.  We brine all of our chicken, pork, and turkey according to their guidelines - with salt only. You need enough brine to make sure the whole bird...

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James Ranch - Our Grass fed, Raw Milk Cheese SourceOctober 17 2015

James Ranch - Our Grass fed, Raw Milk Cheese Source

  The Miracle of Grass Transformed into Delicious Cheese. If you love our Ponjoo (gluten free cheese bread), you'll love it even more when you learn how amazing James Ranch is. James Ranch is a family farm in Durango that provides us with our Mature Belford 100% grassfed, raw cow's milk cheese. This cheese is a big reason the Ponjoo is so delicious.  I, Susanna, was lucky enough to spend an afternoon on the farm in October 2015. Phil, the resident...

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Flavorful Collard Greens RecipesJune 29 2015

Flavorful Collard Greens Recipes

Greens are around all season. Use these recipes for a twist on collards, kale or any other hearty greens. Try a tangy peanut vinaigrette or refreshing lemongrass and coconut broth to mix up your greens eating this summer.  Super easy. You'll need to start with these ingredients...  

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