Pho Vietnamese Oxtail Soup (Paleo)


Warming and refreshing, this is a satisfying yet light soup studded with bits of grassfed beef, but the star of this show is the broth. This is best characterized as a vegetable soup with a knock-your-socks-off broth. 

Our version is paleo, so we use cabbage as our "noodles" but if you want rice noodle, you can easily add in your own when you heat this soup at home. They cook very quickly.

We are fortunate to have 100% grassfed beef oxtail from Lasater Ranch this week. This is the tail of a steer, and it is a super healing, gelatin-ful, deeply flavored favorite special treat used in cuisines all over the world. 

We slowly cook the oxtail with organic ginger, star anise, a bit of clove and organic garlic to make a fragrant stock**. Then add in organic carrots, organic green onions, organic broccoli, and organic cabbage "noodles".

You get to take it over the top at home with a bag of fresh additions for your soup- organic mint, cilantro, and lime wedges. Don't worry cilantro haters, you don't have to add it :).

Quart or Pint. One Quart serves 2-3 as a main. Price includes $1.25 jar deposit. 

**We make all our stocks and soups with filtered, pH balanced water. 

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