Versatile Lemon Curd (Dairy Free & Sugar Free)


Bright and sweet yet tart lemon will give that needed little pick-me-up to your day. It's like summer relaxation in a jar. And it makes a pretty and sweet gift.

Enjoy this spread on toast, mix it with yogurt for breakfast, eat it on its own out of the jar or as an accompaniment to your favorite cookie.

Our custard is fresh squeezed organic lemon juice**, organic fair trade unrefined coconut oil, unfiltered Western slope honey, organic eggs, and Real sea salt. 

One Half Pint per order (1 cup).  This is rich and used as a spread or frosting will serve 4+ people.

**Did you know we squeeze our own citrus juice fresh each week just before we make our meals? 

You can also make your own ICE CREAM!  Mix thoroughly with two parts cream or full fat coconut milk (even better with pure coconut cream, no water), you may also want to add a bit more sweetener if you've got a sweet tooth. Dissolve honey or sugar in warm cream first then let cool. Chill for at least 15 min, then freeze in your ice cream maker*. Makes about one quart if you use the full cup of curd.

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