Colorado Grassfed Ground Beef and Organ Meats


We are so fortunate to have some of the best beef in the country raised right here in Colorado, in Matheson. We've been relying on the Lasaters for their flavorful, 100% grassfed and finished beef in our meals since we started. 

Now you can get this same meat for your own cooking through us!

Heart is easy! Simply defrost it, marinate or salt it if you wish, then sear and cook just like steak! And it tastes like steak and boasts less fat and more nutritional punch. Read more here.

And if you're not sure about liver, my (Susanna's) favorite way to cook it is by pureeing liver pieces with ground beef and making burgers with it.  I usually do maybe a quarter liver for the burgers.

Learn more about Lasater Ranch here. 

Price per pound for ground and organ meats. Each come in one pound packages.

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