Nourishing Blueberry Lemon Granola (Classic Oat or Paleo Options)


We're making our granola in house. This granola is different! And we have both Gluten Free and Paleo (oat free) options.

We use high quality ingredients including:

  • organic extra virgin olive oil (not canola!) baked below smoking point
  • nuts including organic almonds that we've soaked & dehydrated to make super digestible and nutritious
  • organic sprouted (soaked and dehydrated) pumpkin seeds - more digestible and nutritious
  • chia seed
  • organic dried fruit without any added sugar - we dehydrate our own organic blueberries with a light coating of olive oil

This is a far cry from most store granola that is canola oil and refined sugar based and mostly oats. This is hearty, digestible, and crazy delicious, so you've been warned. You may eat a lot of it.

Our granola makes an excellent snack and breakfast option. Also try it as a topping on chopped fruit - bake it and make a quick fruit crisp!

Bright Blueberry Lemon -  Uplifting and Refreshing

Our Gluten Free Class granola contains organic rolled oats (certified gluten free) plus all the ingredients below.

The Paleo Granola is all of the ingredients below plus organic dates. Because it is nuts, fruit and seeds, this is an energy dense, tasty and filling snack.

Ingredients: soaked and deyhdrated nuts: pecans, walnuts, organic almonds, organic extra virgin olive oil, unfiltered Colorado honey, organic pumpkin seeds (pepita), dried by us organic blueberries (no added sugar or vegetable oil), organic dried peach, chia seeds,  natural almond extract, pure vanilla extract, organic lemon zest, fresh ground cardamom from Savory Spice Shop, Real sea salt.

Choose Snack Size (Half Pint) or Pint (3 servings - or 7 oz for the Paleo, 8 oz for the Classic) or Quart (6 servings). Price includes $1.25 jar deposit. 

Freshest within two to three weeks for maximum flavor. Best frozen to keep longer to protect the nuts and oil for optimal nutrition.

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