Natural Deodorant That Works (Choose Your Scent)


Because what goes on your skin also goes in your body.

All natural deodorant made with tallow (beef fat). Pure, edible ingredients (don't eat it though). SUPER effective. Freshen up!

Try out our woodsy Eucalyptus Cedarwood or refreshing Lavender Lemon scents.  

Beef fat (grassfed as often as possible), organic fair trade virgin coconut oil, organic arrowroot powder, baking soda, organic essential oils (lemon, lavender, tea tree or cedarwood and eucalyptus). 

The secret to this deodorant is the tallow. A traditional animal fat used in soap, The tallow is ideal for deodorant because it's both easily absorbed, keeping us nice and moisturized, and it's also got lots of vitamins and CLA to help us stay nourished.

We're also offering a smaller travel size for those of you who want to test it out - or to have on hand. I (Susanna) always carry mine in my purse. So helpful when I'm on the move between work and climbing or hiking....  It'll keep all your adventures stink-free :)

    Travel Size (half ounce tin) or One ounce Tin. The larger tin will last about 2 months of regular use. Best used within 2 months or freeze.


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