Fresh from Scratch Refried Pinto Beans


Refried beans are a special treat when made from scratch!  And we keep it simple with high quality, plant based ingredients that taste amazing.

We cook dried organic pinto beans by simmering them with bay leaves and a pinch of cumin seeds. Then we mash these tender beans with sauteed organic onion, organic garlic and sea salt in olive oil. Absolutely delicious!  

Excellent along with our Chorizo Taco Filling.

Quart or Pint.  One Quart serves 6-8 a side. Price includes $1.25 jar deposit. 

Freezable in straight-sided mason jars (no curved shoulders) with appropriate head room or other freezer safe container. Simply run the frozen jars under warm water to slide out and heat or defrost first in fridge overnight.

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