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Back to Basics Kitchen is a culmination of the formative experiences of owner Susanna Minichiello and ever evolving as our team grows and learns. It allows Susanna to alchemize her wide variety of education, nutritional trainings and cooking styles into a comprehensive whole.

She recognizes how food choices and life can get quickly complicated. She and the team always adhere to the basics—quality ingredients as the roots of nutrition and flavor, adding love to that simple formula for guaranteed eating pleasure that is also convenient.

Susanna Minichiello - Boss Lady, Visionary, and Taste Explorer

Current Owner and Co-Founder with Chelsea Jowell Souza (now full time mom)

Susanna’s love of cooking began in an outdoors program in high school; food prepared onSusanna at Red Wagon farm with organic rutabaga a tiny back country stove tasted impossibly delicious.

During her undergraduate environmental studies program at Pomona College, Susanna discovered sustainable agriculture as the nexus of her passions- environmentalism and eating.

She finds food that comes from healthy, respected land and animals as the most nourishing and most tasty. She loves the sense of connection in knowing where her food comes from and who grows it.

Susanna is a graduate of the Natural Chef Program at Bauman College, a course that specialized in cooking to support health.

Developing recipes that her mother, diagnosed with Celiac disease, can enjoy with family and friends without anyone noticing they are gluten-free has been some of Susanna’s most enjoyable training.

Other sources of inspiration include her work with Weston A. Price based Three Stone Hearth Community Supported Kitchen in Berkeley, California and the Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant in Boulder, CO (yes, for those familiar with both, it’s quite a range of nutritional philosophy and cooking styles- which is why the experiences are so valuable!).

When not cooking, you can find Susanna rock climbing, camping in her favorite high deserts, blues dancing, practicing yoga, or learning to sing and play guitar.


Bri - Head Chef and In Kitchen Entertainment
With BBK since early 2013, Bri started as our first culinary student extern from Escoffier Culinary School and has since become the center of the kitchen.  With menus that change every week and recipes that change every season and with every different batch of local produce, she's a master at thinking on her feet and using her kitchen intuition to make every meal consistently delicious.

Her conversation skills are second to none, and her enthusiastic story telling keeps us rolling every day. And there's no lack of subject matter with her two dogs, two cats, chickens and garden to keep her on her toes.

Recently she's also stepped into another role and is a local source of produce from her amazing home garden, and she can no longer eat store bought eggs after becoming a chicken mama.  

Not a huge fan of chocolate or cake, she can make a fruit pie like nobody's business. Know all those amazing savory pies you've been enjoying from us? Thank Bri and her grandmother for showing her how to roll and shape a beautiful crust. 

Amy - Badass Office Manager (the BOM) and Delivery Magician
Amy has blessed our crew since 2012 and taken on many roles, not the least of which is ensuring that no morsel of dessert is wasted.

She's also the author of the entertaining and insightful blog, Teaching Amy, about her healing journey toward self empowerment after a difficult divorce. Learn how our food and her work are helping to support her. 




Tim - Eyes of the Kitchen Tim has made himself indispensible at the kitchen. Also starting as an extern from the

Tim has made himself indispensible at the kitchen. Also starting as an extern from the Tim!Escoffier culinary school in Boulder, he's stayed on since 2014.

Whenever the rest of the ladies get distracted with other tasks, Tim inevitably rescues whatever has then been forgotten on the stove at the perfect time. He always knows where various kitchen equipment pieces have been left, and he's responsible for the perfectly golden brown crust on all your favorite vegetable patties and burgers. 

He keeps the whole system running smoothly by always guessing what's needed next and being aware of all the details. And his years of restaurant work and culinary education give him a consistency and skill in his work on which we can all depend. 

When he's not at the kitchen he's into gaming and trying to convince his dad of the correct way to cook pasta.



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