Home Meal Delivery- Boulder, Lafayette and Louisville City Limits

How Delivery Works :

    • Delivery is FREE for orders $150+ and $8.95 for orders under $150 during our new delivery area promotional period.

  • Please note our delivery area boundaries (you can zoom in on the map). If you are close by or en route between areas, contact us to see if we can accommodate you. 

  • Order your meals. Please leave a note on your order with any special instructions such as a side porch cooler placement or specific directions. 

  • Under "Shipping" on the last page of checkout, choose “Home Delivery”. Be sure you have your correct delivery address as your shipping address in our system (this will be in your confirmation email as well).

  • We'll deliver your food on Wednesdays between the hours of 12:00pm-5:30pm. 

    • We require that you have a cooler chilled with cold packs large enough to accommodate your order on your porch. The largest package size we use is an aluminum tin. If you order Full sizes of items your cooler will need to accommodate these pans- 12.75" x 11".  At least 34 Quart sized coolers such as this one will be needed for those pans and more than 3 items per order.

  • Orders will be returned to our kitchen or the closest open pick up site if a cooler isn’t available or if your food does not fit your cooler. This is for food safety and to protect from intrigued neighbors (animal or human).

  • We do require coolers even if you think you will be home.
    This is mainly because it is much faster for us to drop items in a cooler and go. We will ring the bell so you know your food has arrived. Coolers also help because you may think you will home and step out and we miss you, or you don't hear the bell etc.

  • If you have any jar returns, please leave those in the cooler. We will collect the jars upon delivery and email you your credit info.

 More general meal service information is available on our FAQ page.
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