Payment Options


Multiple Order Pre-Payment Options - Get Bonus $ and Support Our Growth:

We have the ability to hold balances associated with your account with the use of gift cards.

bri and tim laughing juicingInvest in multiple orders at once with cash, check, or Dwolla  and save yourself time at check out and support our growth by giving us working capital. Plus, earn bonus $!  Everyone wins, and we all keep the food love thriving.

If you'd like to pay by credit card, you can purchase a gift card of any amount for yourself (at any time of the year) as a way to pay for multiple weeks of meals at once.

You won't get a dollar bonus that way, but you will be contributing to us just as much. And you'll still get the ease of check out.


Cash, Check, or Dwolla Pre-Pay:

  • Invest $300...   Get $305 
  • Invest $500...   Get $510 
  • Invest $1000... Get $1025 
  • Invest $1500... Get $1545 
  • Invest $2000... Get $2080 
  • Invest $3000... Get $3150 

    Please email us for additional options!

If you have the resources, please consider pre-paying for meals in larger sums. It supports us in many ways, especially during the summer season to stock up on ingredients to preserve.

It also makes your check out experience faster and earns you bonus money for more delicious flavor adventures.

Pay by Cash or Check:

  • Bring a check or cash to Broomfield during our store hours or snail mail (checks only) to PO Box 24 in Lafayette, 80026. Please email us to let us know you've sent a check .

Pay with Dwolla:

  • The  Dwolla payment method is an option that lets you transfer money directly from your bank account to ours with a minimal fee for us and it saves all your billing information for you. Check out is easy with Dwolla!
  • Email us if you'd like to use Dwolla and we'll send you an invoice. 

After paying with any method you will receive an emailed gift card number for the value of your purchase plus your bonus amount.  Copy and paste that number at check out to use your gift card.

Please email or call us (720 432-2515) if you have questions on how this works.

    Other Benefits:

    • Makes check out easier- You don't have to enter credit card and billing info each time. You will have a balance kept on your gift card. Simply copy the same gift card number at check out until your balance runs out.

    • Saves money by earning interest-  See below for our rates of return for different pre-payment options

    • It supports our growth! Paying ahead, especially with cash or check, saves us credit card fees and also gives us working capital to invest in our business in new equipment and seasonal stock up purchasing. We continue to grow, thank you!

    • Helps keep our kitchen independent and community supported. Did you know we've never had a bank loan or outside investors? Our meal service has always been funded by community members- beginning with our Kickstarter Campaign in 2011.


    Credit Card Expanded PrePay:

    Email us to pay any amount ahead with a credit card and still benefit from easier check out and support our growth.  Due to credit processing fees, only prepay starting at $1500 earn bonuses. Any pre-pay amount helps us!
    • Invest $1500...get $1515 
    • Invest $2000...get $2040 
    • Invest $3000...get $3060 
    Thank you for your support!!


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