Settembre Cellars Pick Up - North Boulder

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Meal Pick Up Hours- Thursdays 1 to 6pm. 
The fridge is at the front of the winery to the right of the door as you walk in.  It is self serve.

Please check the list and the labels on all your food to be sure you have everything you ordered and none of someone else's.

fiori wine bottlePerks- Wine!! Settembre Cellars owners Blake and Tracy balance art, science, and patience to produce nuanced wines of elegance, balance, and depth with 100% Colorado grapes. First time meal pick up customers get a 2 for 1 voucher for a flight tasting- that's $10 off. If it's your first time there for a meal pick up, ask for a voucher!

Grab a delicious bottle of Colorado Wine to go with your dinner.  A popular pairing is the Fiori red wine and our Ponjoo.Blake (the wine maker) has confirmed the synergy of this pairing many times. 

Ask Elizabeth, the pourer and wine aficionado, for more pairing ideas or grab a flight to try for yourself. The dry Riesling is surprising in its dryness (they're not kidding!) and Susanna's favorite.

“Settembre Cellars Wines, Boulder's very own, and utterly delicious, winery making some of the best wines in the state. ” - Will of Cured

Address- 1501 Lee Hill Dr #16, Boulder 

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