Juicy Ancho Chile Burgers with Optional Liver


Griling time! The ancho adds a mild kick and chile flavor that combines to make a unique and delicious burger with that extra something you just can't put your finger on.

We make these patties with 100% grass fed beef from Lasater Ranch, ancho chiles, organic onion, fresh garlic, organic eggs, a pinch of black pepper and Real sea salt. 

Add grassfed Lasater Ranch liver to the ground beef mix for a sneaky way to get this oh-so-nutritious organ meat into your meals without even noticing! To learn more about the benefit of organ meats, check this out.

Four burgers of 1/3 lb each per order.  $4.98/serving. Order them cooked to medium -or- raw to cook at home on the grill or griddle. Fully Cooked freezes well.

(It takes about the same time to warm them already cooked as it does to cook them from raw- however, we know already cooked is more fool-proof).

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