Aromatic Garlic Saffron Brown Rice with Optional Chicken Sausage


A fragrant rice with a that lovely hint of gold from Spanish saffron. 

Magical with our Moroccan Cod and Chicken Cacciatore, a side of veggies, and/or your favorite protein.

Featuring Spanish saffron and organic short grain brown rice that we soak overnight to help make it that much more digestible and nutritious.  We saute fresh garlic in olive oil, then toast the rice with the golden garlic before steaming with saffron and pink Himalayan sea salt.

Add optional paleo smoked Chicken and Basil sausage for a full meal. 

Quart or Pint. One Quart serves 4-6 as a side. Price includes $1.25 jar deposit.  

Freezable in straight-edged mason jars with appropriate head room or other freezer safe container. Simply run the frozen jars under warm water to slide out and heat.

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