Classic Bolognese (Italian Meat) Sauce


This is for real. Rich, tomatoey with that hint of wine and lots of aromatics from the herbs to balance it all out. Ultimate comfort food and a great option for our spells of cooler weather.

Slowly simmered Bolognese featuring 100% grassfed Lasater Ranch beef, Colorado raised ground pork,  Beeler's natural bacon (cured with sugar and salt), organic onions, organic garlic, organic Red Wagon Farm summer sun ripened tomatoes we've preserved, organic carrot, organic celery, red wine, olive oil, fresh bay leaves, organic thyme, organic fresh basil, and Real sea salt.  

Toss with your favorite pasta or eat with greens or vegetable noodles. 

Quart or Pint. One Quart serves 4-5 as a main. Price includes $1.25 jar deposit.


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