Red Enchiladas with Squash & Optional Turkey and Cheese


We're closed for our annual break between Christmas and New Years, and this is a great one to throw in the freezer to get you through. Stock up!

We wrap roasted organic butternut squash and optional brined and roasted organic turkey shreds plus organic onion and cumin in fresh locally made corn tortillas softened in olive oil.

 Then we smother them in our own red chile sauce (organic Red Wagon Farm tomato we've preserved, organic (local as available) Big Jim and/or Anaheim chiles, red chile powder, paprika, cumin and mexican oregano from Savory Spice Shop, filtered water, olive oil, Real sea salt) and top with optional queso fresco (farmers) cheese.

Our mild-medium spicy chile sauce pairs excellently with the sweet squash. You must try it!

(Without cheese the butternut only are vegan and gluten-free and the butternut and turkey is gluten-free and dairy-free). 

One tin of 6 enchiladas. Serves 3 for $7.31 per serving with turkey. 

Menu Closed

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