Caribbean Vegetable Stew


Refresh yourself with the mouthwatering flavors of the islands.

We feature hearty vegetables including organic sweet potatoes, organic Red Wagon Farm tomatoes, organic Isabelle Farm cabbage, and organic onion simmered in a bright broth of pH balanced filter water infused with organic jalapeño, organic garlic, organic ginger and organic cilantro.

Finished with fresh squeezed (by us) organic lime juice, organic extra virgin olive oil and Real sea salt.

1 Quart or 1 Pint. The Quart serves 2-3 as a main or 4 as a side. Price includes $1.25 jar deposit. 

We vacuum seal this soup.  It will stay fresh for at least 10 days after you receive it before you break the seal, then the freshness clock starts ticking as normal.  

We have white lids with rubber rings that are reusable so please return everything including both the lid and red plastic ring with your jars at your earliest convenience

Freezes well in a freezer safe container - don't freeze in quart mason jars.

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