Enchilada FILLING ONLY with Squash & Optional Turkey


Holiday menu for pick up (or home delivery) Wednesday 12/21 or Thu 12/22.

We're closed for our annual break between Christmas and New Years, and this is a great one to throw in the freezer to get you through. Stock up!

Can't do corn? Or Nightshades? Make your own dishes with our filling!

So comforting and perfect to use as a base to your own lettuce wrap tacos or just as is smothered in our enchilada sauce - the sweet squash and spicy sauce is so good! 

Roasted organic butternut squash and optional brined and roasted organic turkey shreds plus organic onion softened in olive oil.

(Without cheese the butternut only are vegan and gluten-free and the butternut and turkey is gluten-free and dairy-free). 

You can also buy sauce separately here. Also great on eggs, quesadillas, meats... toss with veggies and roast!

One Pint. Makes 8 two ounce enchiladas - to serve 3-4.

Menu Closed

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