Fresh Chanda Chai


Love our Almond Apple Cookies or GF Chocolove Cookies? Well they (and most snacks) are even better paired with this delicious chai. Try it for an invigorating late afternoon pick-me-up or a great start to the day.

Chanda Chai is brewed locally in Longmont and uses only organic ingredients.  Founder  Archana Knipe  was born in India and moved to the USA as a kid. She has made chai fresh every day for decades, including on camp stoves, and carries her spices with her while traveling. 

We've been introduced to Chanda Chai through our delivery superstar and badass office manager, Amy. While Chanda Chai offers many flavors, these are the two our kitchen staff prefers. The nutmeg is Susanna and Amy's favorite, while Bri favors the Fully Spiced. The Nutmeg is totally different kind of chai than you've likely ever tasted, and the Fully Spiced is quite distinct.

All of these options are available sweetened lightly with organic cane sugar and/or unsweetened and all the spices and teas are organic.

Nutmeg (Caffeinated) -   ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, Assam tea  (Amy's favorite. Nutmeg fans are hard core fans!  With coconut milk, especially iced, it is divine.) 

Fully-Spiced (Caffeinated or Decaf) - cinnamon, clove, anise, allspice, cardamom, white pepper, ginger, Assam tea (be ready because this one, somewhat like the Nutmeg, is very strong. For those who like it very spicy, yet smooth, and calming.)
Decaf version with Decaf Darjeeling tea instead of the Assam tea.

1 Quart of fresh Chai concentrate (makes 4-5 servings of finished chai).  Simply heat and mix it with your favorite milk and sweetener for a delightful drink- hot or iced. 

One Quart gets you four servings for the price of 2 in a coffee shop! One Half Gallon equals 2 Quarts.

Prices include jar deposits. The Quart includes a $2 jar deposit and the Half Gallon a $4 jar deposit. 


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