Easy As Pie- Frozen Pie Dough


Thanksgiving menu for pick up (or home delivery) Wednesday 11/23.

Create your own flaky pastries at home. 

Want the goodness of our pumpkin pie with a more classic wheat crust? Use this and order our pie filling or make your own favorite to DIY it. 

Simply pull the dough out of the freezer, defrost in the fridge or at room temp (faster) until cold but malleable, and roll out to whatever shape you'd like.  Flakes best if chilled before baking after rolling but it'll be delicious no matter what!

Use for pies, quiches, empanadas... this dough can work for savory or sweet.

Organic pastured butter, organic unbleached flour, organic whole wheat flour, and Real sea salt.  

One 9 oz pie crust. Makes one 9-10 inch pie. 

Keep frozen until within one day before using.

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