Bright Pesto Organic Roast Chicken (Dairy & Nut Free)


This simply delicious pesto features fresh local, organic basil including lemon basil from Red Wagon Farms.

It's dairy and tree nut free so you get all the vibrant flavor and nutrients without the potential allergens. You won't miss anything :)

Organic Red Wagon Farm basil and lemon basil, organic organic extra virgin olive oil, fresh organic lemon juice, fresh garlic, and sea salt we slather on brined organic chicken then bake with a bit of organic lemon, Real sea salt and olive oil.  

The brining makes the chicken moist and tender.

Also makes great chicken salad or sandwiches.

Order a Full or Half order. These chickens average 5 lbs whole starting weight. Full order includes 2 large breasts, 2 thighs, 2 drums, 2 wings and serves 6-8.  

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