Grassfed Beef Heart with Tangy Chimichurri Sauce


This classic Argentinean bright and tangy Chimichurri sauce is a perfect complement to earthy, steak-like seared beef heart.

Yes, heart! It is SO delicious. It does not taste gamey or weird in any way and has a nice bite to it, but is not chewy. And it's cheaper than steak and boasts far more minerals and nutrients PLUS organ meats don't typically have much fat.

So if you are looking for a lean nutrition powerhouse, this is it. 

You do want to be careful when eating organ meats that they are coming from high-quality grass fed sources you can trust, which these are.

This super flavorful heart is 100% grass fed beef from Lasater Ranch that we sear in a piping hot skillet with Real sea salt and olive oil until medium before slicing.

Finished with a side of our housemade Chimichurri sauce of fresh organic parsley, organic thyme, organic oregano, organic garlic, organic sherry vinegar,  organic extra virgin olive oil, and Real sea salt.

If you love this, you'll want to order an extra half pint of Chimichurri Sauce to put on everything else, too!

Full is one pound of meat per order, Half is 8 oz (half pound).  A Full serves 4 people with sides.

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