Indian Spiced Chickpea Sundal


Comforting, flavorful, and a little exotic with a super fragrant spice blend. The creamy chickpeas take on the lovely spices beautifully.

Organic chickpeas we cook from scratch with real sea salt, tossed in fragrant coconut oil seasoned with toasted yellow and brown mustard seeds, organic onion, guajillo chiles and kaffir lime leaves. 

We finish this with a little organic shredded coconut, wilted organic kale, and fresh squeezed (by us) organic lime juice. A hearty and delicious main dish or lunch- spice up your day!  

Excellent with our Ginger Saffron Rice.

Quart or Pint. One Quart serves 4 as a main.  Price includes $1.25 jar deposit.  

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