Winter Greens Saute with Capers and Olives


Eating your greens can be fun and easy! And this is a lot of greens.

We strip succulent organically grown kale leaf by leaf to remove the stems, keeping the most tender leaves. Then we lightly sauté with organic garlic and olive oil.

Then we toss in with capers (may contain sea salt), green and kalamata olives (may be brined with organic red wine vinegar and sea salt), and fresh squeezed organic lemon juice for a flavorful and different twist on a vegetable side.

This is delicious stirred into our Bolognese sauce for a gourmet one pot vegetable and meat meal if you don't do pasta - or just love greens!

Quart or Pint. One Pint serves at least 3 and contains almost 1 lb of greens(!). One Quart serves 6. Price includes $1.25 jar deposit.

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