Hearty Grassfed Beef Chili with Optional Beef Tongue (Paleo)


One of our most requested dishes.  Mildly spicy and intensely flavorful. We've preserved all the produce in it from local farms this past summer, so it'll be like a breath of fresh air!

AND this week, an extra special treat - add optional beef tongue for a mix of ground beef and beef tongue chili. A chance to try something new and get your organ meat in your diet in an easy and delicious way. Yes, delicious. Tongue is the gateway organ meat. Mild with a similar beef flavor as the more familiar cuts and with a lovely richness.  It is an excellent compliment to this chili.  Try it!

100% grassfed beef from Lasater Ranch in Matheson, Colorado, organic tomatoes and tomato paste, organic roasted Red Wagon Farm Anaheim chiles we've preserved from last summer, organic onions, organic garlic, organic jalapeño, organic roasted sweet peppers,  Savory Spice Shop's chile powder, cumin, a pinch of ground chipotle, and smoked paprika, olive oil and Real sea salt. Garnished with organic fresh cilantro.  

Delicious paired with our warm Ponjoo (our gluten free cheese bread) or GF cornbread this week.

1 Quart or 1 Pint. 1 Quart serves 4 as a main with sides. Price includes $1.25 jar deposit.

Note: We hot pack this item (not canned but packed with a vacuum seal). It will stay fresh for at least 10 days before you break the seal, then the freshness clock starts ticking as normal. 

We have white lids with rubber rings that are reusable so please return both the lid and plastic ring with your jars at your earliest convenience (and we can reuse the metal ring as always). Thank you!

Freezes well (in non glass containers)!

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