Jodar Farms Free Range Eggs


To help Jodar Farms move the eggs so all of this precious abundance is enjoyed and to help you get the highest quality food possible, we're offering Jodar Farms eggs, in one dozen containers, as part of our menu.  They'll be here until the high laying time is over. 

These hens live in idyllic conditions and forage on bugs and grass. They're supplemented with conventional feed that does include a small amount of soy.

These are amazing with a sprinkle of these locally grown and live fermented (!) Red Jalapeño Pepper Flakes. Then top them off with the Fermented Radish Kimchi.

Chinese medicine and the experiences of Healing with Whole Foods author Paul Pitchford is that spicy things, like hot sauce and pepper flakes, help our bodies to metabolize the egg whites completely and combat a tendency of eggs to be "mucus forming".  

Try it out for yourself and see if you digest better with a pinch of spice. Regardless, you can't argue with the flavor combo!

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