Live Fermented Local Condiments


Not only are they made from amazing organic locally grown ingredients by McCauley Family Farm and other local farms, they're also fermented by McCauley farm. The fermentation preserves and enhances the flavor and nourishment value.

We couldn't be more proud to carry these. We've finally found a product whose ingredient lists almost exactly resemble our own, down to the Real sea salt!

NEW! Classic Farm Kraut - This is as simple and traditional (and nightshade free!) as you get. And it's amazing. Still crisp and refreshing with all the probiotic goodness. Organic cabbage and sea salt fermented with live cultures including L rhamnosus LB3.

Daikon Radish Chi - The most sour of these options, this is like a mildly spicy sauerkraut.  Susanna's favorite mixed into scrambled eggs. And so good on burgers and hot dogs and tossed in salads or soups when serving... get that vegetable and probiotic boost. 
(Organic local daikon radish, organic yellow onion, organically grown McCauley hot portugal pepper, salt, live cultures including L rhamnosus LB3)

Sparkler Carrots - These are spicy but not as spicy as the previous Firecraker version! They have a nice, solid kick that isn't a full fire alarm in your mouth. And with that lovely sweet carrot paired with spice and sour from the fermentation... MMM.  Just a spoonful will give your eggs, meat and soups a real kick.  

Organic carrot, organic hot Portugal pepper, organic onion, organic garlic, salt, live cultures including L rhamnosus LB3)

Golden Goddess Fermented Beets - These are super flavorful and are golden from both the gold beets and a nice boost of turmeric. Good enough to eat straight out of the jar and with just a mild kick from both the ginger and Portugal pepper.

Organic golden beets, organic carrot, organic McCauley Farms hot Portugal pepper, organic ginger, turmeric, organic garlic, salt, live cultures including L rhamnosus LB3)

Price of all ferments includes $1.25 jar deposit. 

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