Local Lettuce Salad with Roast Beets, Balsamic & Optional Goat Cheese


 Eat your salad on the go or enjoy it leisurely at home.

We pack these mason jars so the greens and dressing stay separate by putting the beets to marinate in the bottom of the jar and layering the greens and goat cheese on top.

Simply pour into a bowl, toss, and eat!  

We start with a base of our housemade balsamic dressing* in which we nestle tender roast organic beets. They we layer in fresh local organic Little Gem and Red Leaf Lettuce.

Finally we finish it off with optional fresh goat cheese. The beet layer protects the greens from the dressing until you are ready to drop it all into a bowl and toss. 

Oil does solidify in refrigerators so for fastest results take it out of the fridge 10 minutes before tossing.

*organic extra virgin olive oil, organic fresh squeezed (by us) lemon juice, organic balsamic vinegar, Real sea salt.

Quart or Pint. Quart serves 2-3, Pint serves 1 heartily.

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