Zaatar (Middle Eastern Spiced) Lamb Burgers


You must believe us, this is truly delicious. A unanimous staff favorite!
This mild lamb is not gamey thanks Mary and David of Triple M Bar Ranch raising their lamb on both grass and local produce.  It's the only lamb I, Susanna, enjoy eating.

And the Za'atar - a citrusy tasting spice blend featuring  sumac berries commonly used in the Middle East - complements the lamb perfectly.Balanced and delightful. Try it!
Featuring pastured lamb from local Triple M Bar Ranch and Za'atar from Savory Spice Shop (dried thyme, dried marjoram, dried sumac and sesame seeds), organic red onion, organic garlic, and Real sea salt.

Lovely with our Potato Vindaoo this week. 
Four quarter-pound patties per order, cooked to medium. Serves 4.
Freezes well.
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