Moist Classic Chocolate Cake (Paleo)


All the pleasure and flavor of cake without the crap! Satisfy your cake craving with real nourishing ingredients. 

This is a fluffy cake that derives its richness and lovely moist texture from... lard! But don't be scared, you'll never know.

Lard is extremely neutral tasting making it perfect for baking and very similar to butter but dairy free without that coconut oil taste that can come through in some baked goods.

We tested the cake on our own picky eaters and not one detected they were eating a dairy free, grain free, honey sweetened (no cane sugar) dessert.  And no nuts either for those of you with those allergies. 

Full ingredient list- local organic eggs from Chef Bri's chickens, grassfed leaf lard (from pork), unsweetened natural cocoa powder from Savory Spice Shop, organic coconut flour, unfiltered Colorado honey, a small pinch of baking soda, vanilla extract from Savory Spice Shop, Real sea salt.

One Tin per order- Serves 4-6 (or 2 if you're Susanna - not necessarily recommended to eat that much cake at once). 

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