Organic Almond Super Cookies (Gluten Free, Grain Free & Dairy Free)


With ORGANIC almonds we soak and dehydrate our almonds before grinding them into our fresh made flour for better digestibility. 

These are dense and packed with nutrients- and delicious. You will want to eat three at a time, as they are surprisingly addictive despite how satisfying and nourishing they are.

Don't even think about feeling guilty- they are fruit sweetened. Also great for kids. A customer favorite.

Organic almond flour, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic dates, local Jodar Farms pastured eggs** (or organic non-local eggs in off season), organic Ela Family Farms Western slope peach pieces, vanilla extract (GF alcohol, vanilla bean), almond extract (water, GF organic alcohol, oil of bitter almond) and Ceylon cinnamon from Savory Spice Shop, and Real sea salt.

Choose from 1 Dozen (includes a $1.25 jar deposit), a 4 Dozen Party Pack (in a compostable container), or a Mega Party Pack of 100 Cookies in a rectangular aluminum container of ping pong sized cookies per order. Save $ by buying in bulk. 

These freeze excellently. Pop out a few out a time to have snack- ready (or they are pretty tasty frozen!)

**free roaming, idyllic hens that eat bugs, grass and a supplementation of conventional feed 

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