Coconut Panna Cotta with Colorado Rhubarb Compote


(Ok, the picture is peaches, but these will be rhubarb!)

So light and refreshing! They're also pretty and individual-sized, making them great for a special occasion - which may just be dessert after a long work day! 

This is a simple Italian dessert traditionally made with cream cooked with sugar, gelatin and flavorings then chilled. Our version is dairy-free and sugar-free and features organic coconut milk (guar gum free), raw unfiltered Colorado honey, a little gelatin from Great Lakes Gelatin, fresh organic lemon zest, and vanilla extract from Savory Spice Shop.  

We top this luscious dessert with a cooked sauce made of heriloom Ela Family Farm Western slope organic rhubarb, Colorado unfiltered honey, a bit of hibiscus for color and taste, and organic lemon zest. 

Half Pint (1 cup). Serves one, or two, if you feel like sharing the jar, but we're guessing you won't. 

Price includes $1.25 jar deposit.

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