Election Cupcakes! (Paleo)

$11.95 $35.95

 This has been quite the election.  Let’s bring back some sweetness and gratitude. America used to celebrate Election Day with a special cake - this year we are too. Make America Cake Again!

In the spirit of the original cake (see recipe below), we’re baking up a cupcakes full of plump raisins, tart cherries, and juicy prunes soaked in red wine and baked with tons of spices, though our cupcakes will also be in the spirit of our own BBK dessert tradition – grain, sugar, and dairy free. 

We make these with organic almond flour (we soak and dehydrate the almonds for extra digestibility and crunch), organic coconut flour, organic dates, organic extra virgin olive oil, non GMO local eggs, organic apple, organic raisins, organic dried cherries, organic dried plums, red wine, organic hard cider, warming cinnamon, coriander, all spice and nutmeg from Savory Spice Shop, vanilla extract, baking soda, and Real sea salt. 

We finish these with a red wine, fruit and spice glaze with raw Colorado honey. 

4 Cupcakes per order, or get a deal on a Dozen!  

These keep for 2 days and are best room temp.  They freeze excellently and toast up nicely for a quick treat later.

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