Unexpected Cabbage Patties (Gluten Free)


A customer favorite (we were surprised too!) and a fun way to eat your vegetables. 

They're much more flavorful in a mild and pleasing way that you may expect. Kids also love these for that reason. They'll soak up your favorite condiments so create any flavor combo you can dream up. 

This simple dish is one that even cabbage skeptics will enjoy.  

We thinly shred organic cabbage and toss it with a mixture of local Jodar Farms eggs**, our own gluten-free flour mix (contains tapioca, sorghum, white rice and brown rice flours), organic Red Wagon Farm Egyptian walking onion (like scallions), a splash of fresh squeezed organic lemon juice, and Real sea salt.  Then we cook each patty with olive oil on the stove.

Freezable- great to have on hand for work and school lunches. 

Four large patties per order for $2.73/ patty.

**free roaming, idyllic hens that eat bugs, grass and a supplementation of non-organic feed.

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