Crisp Radish, Cabbage, and Local Kale Slaw with Apple Cider Vinaigrette


Citrusy, slightly spicy from the radish and sweet (yes, sweet!) from the hakurei turnips from Red Wagon Farm.

We shred freshly picked organic Red Wagon Farm organic kale, Red Wagon Farm hakurei turnips, organic red radishes, and organic cabbage and toss with a delicious vinaigrette we make with organic apple cider vinegar, organic parsley, organic green onion, organic extra virgin olive oil, and Real sea salt. 

A crunchy and refreshing snack or side with our Tikka Masala or Pomegranate Citrus Salmon.

Quart or Pint.  One Quart serves 4-6 as a side one. Pint serves 3. Price includes $1.25 jar deposit.

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