Organic Roast Chicken with Apricots and Currants


Sweet, plump apricots and currants with a hint of ginger and orange- this is not your ordinary roast chicken. A fun option for a low key yet special dinner at home.

We brine organic chicken (salt, water) to help it bake up super moist. Then we rub it with organic fresh ginger and organic orange slices, glaze it with a reduction of organic apple juice, fresh squeezed (by us!) organic orange juice and zest, olive oil, and a bit of raw, unfiltered Colorado honey, and roast it with organic dried apricots, organic currants and Real sea salt until tender and delicious.

Big flavor and super easy to heat up for a quick dinner.

Full order serves about 5-6 people with sides and is 8 pieces including breasts, drums, thighs, wings.  Price per serving for 5 is $5.59.   Half order is 4 pieces and serves 2-3.


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