Ponjoo- Gluten Free Cheese Bread


The ultimate snack and perfect finger food for parties! 

It just happens to be gluten free- no gimmicks here. If you like cheese we PROMISE that you will like these, gluten-lover or not. Cherished all over Brazil, these little ping pong sized cheese breads ( Paõ de Queijo) will soon be your favorite too.  

Tapioca starch, pecorino cheese, James Ranch in Durango Belford cheese (100% grassfed, raw, aged cow's milk), organic grassfed milk, pasture raised, local Jodar Farms eggs, organic butter, and a pinch of Real sea salt. 

These come *unbaked.* Baking at home makes for the ultimate warm cheesy bread experience. Keep for 2+ months in the freezer.

Choose from 1 Dozen (includes a $1.25 jar deposit) or a Party Pack of 4 Dozen (in a compostable container). Save $ by buying in bulk. 

Baking Directions for Frozen Ponjoo: Place an inch apart on a cookie sheet and bake at 375˚ for 20-25 min until dark golden brown on bottom. Defrosting first will shorten bake time by at least 5 minutes.

Much of Brazilian baking is naturally gluten-free because of their frequent use of tapioca (or manioc) root for flour. Co-founder Chelsea's Brazilian sister-in-law was kind enough to help develop our version of this recipe when visiting the States from Brazil.

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