Red Wagon Farm Organic Kale Bunches


We're bringing the farmers market to you! Red Wagon Farm has an abundance of sweet, lovely organic Fall green curly kale. 

If you didn't make it to the farmers market or just want more, now's your chance to stock up on this farm fresh kale through us before a hard frost knocks it out. In the meantime, the cold makes it produce sugars so it's the best time of year to eat it.

Each bunch is a hearty 3/4 lb and enough to feed at least 2 hungry kale eaters after cooking. (These are way bigger than typically at the store -- and super fresh!).

Pro Tip Winter is Coming: love eating local as much as you can? Do like we do and go ahead and stock up on the kale. Wash it, strip the leaves off the stems and tear them up, then put it into gallon ziploc bags. Sautee them in water first if you want it fully prepped but still neutral for later.

Squish the air out of the bags then stack them flat to freeze. Kale freezes really well! It's perfect to use later, already prepped and ready to go, in soups and stews, frittatas, lasagna, kale fritters, stir fries and sautés - you name it!

Quick Recipe - Sauteed Kale with Dried Cherries, Balsamic and Toasted Walnut: One of my recent favorite fall ways to prepare kale is to put the torn leaves of one to two bunches into a nice wide, hot saute pan with a cup or so of our chicken stock, a handful of raisins and/or a handful of dried cherries and a pinch of sea salt.

Stir that around for maybe five min until the leaves are wilted from the steam and stock and fruit is plumped. Finish it with splash of balsamic vinegar and/or fresh lemon juice and some toasted walnuts if you like.


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