Classic Colorado Lamb Ragu


Delicious and complex with uplifting hints of fennel and red wine to balance the grounding lamb.  This local lamb is the only lamb we like at Back to Basics Kitchen. It is mild, not gamey, and lovingly raised by Mary and David in Eastern Colorado.

This classic sauce features mild Colorado lamb neck (the best part!) from Triple M Bar Ranch we slowly braise with organic tomatoes, red wine, our house made chicken bone broth*, organic onion, organic fennel, organic celery,  fresh organic oregano, organic parsley, organic garlic, organic red wine vinegar, olive oil and Real sea salt.

Quart or Pint.  Quart serves 3-4 as a main with our Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice or on your favorite noodles (pictured with zucchini noodles).  Price includes $1.25 jar deposit.

* We make our chicken stock from scratch with organic chicken backs, chicken feet and filtered water. 

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