Santa Rosa Plum and Almond Cake with Cardamom (Paleo)


We're all about the plums right now.

Beautiful and juicy  Ela Family Farms Western Slope organic Santa Rosa plums - your classic plum with sweet flesh and tart skin is the star studded in this almond cake batter with a hint of fresh ground green cardamom.

We make our cake with soaked and dehydrated organic almonds, unfiltered Colorado honey, organic extra virgin olive oil and regular olive oil, Jodar Farms pasture raised eggs (supplemented with conventional feed), organic coconut flour, green cardamom from Savory Spice Shop, organic almond extract (GF), and Real sea salt. Then we bake until bubbly and delicious and the nuts are a luscious golden brown. 

Enjoy with your favorite ice cream or a drizzle of coconut or cashew milk.

One 9 inch Round Tin. 4-6 servings ($3.39 per serving for 5). Freezes excellently!

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