Shine Potions


So fun! Not only are these new drinks by the ladies over at Shine Restaurant in Boulder delicious and super refreshing, they are totally potions. 

Made with intentional herbs and organic juices, the potions also contain vibrational essences, water that has been imprinted with an energetic “signature” from a particular place or thing such as flowers, gemstones, environments and even stories to help coax out a different state of being.

They make us feel special and add a little magic to the day. We love it.

Choose from the Owl Eyes or Three Laughing Monks flavors. 12 oz bottle.

Owl Eyes

For INergy, Clarity and Creative States of Being

An eye-widening mixture of Love, Apple Juice*, Lemon Juice, Honey, Ginger Root*, Yerba Mate*, Nettle Leaf*, Astragalus*, Cinnamon*, Maca, Nutmeg*, Vanilla Bean*, Liquid Chlorophyll


This potion increases the body’s natural energy in a balanced and focused way using adaptogenic herbs. Unlike many other energizing drinks, it can actually enhance mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. High in minerals, it's also fabulous for the hair and skin and deeply nourishing on a cellular level. 

  • Flower Essence: Aloe Vera
  • Sound Frequencies: Owl Hoots, Waterfall
  • Tuned with 528 Hz and 111 Hz
  • Gemstone Essence: Rose Quartz
  • Charged Upon: Flower of Life

Three Laughing Monks

For Levity, Cosmic Laughter and Heightened States of Being

A lively blend of Love, Black Cherry Juice, Lemon Juice, Honey, Ginger Root*, Reishi Mushroom*, Fo Ti Root*, Cinnamon*, Astragalus*, Tulsi Basil*, Amla Berry*, Nutmeg*


This powerful potion nourishes our joints and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. It promotes longevity and anti-aging while supporting and rejuvenating the kidneys and adrenals.

  • Flower Essence: Blue Lotus
  • Sound Frequencies: Belly Laughter, Monks Chanting
  • Tuned with 528 Hz and 333 Hz
  • Gemstone Essence: Rose Quartz
  • Charged Upon: Flower of Life
Fairy Bubbles 

Flavor Profile: Pomegranate Hibiscus

Function: Replenish & Uplift

A merry mix of Love, Pomegranate Juice, Lemon Juice, Honey, and Hibiscus*

Health Benefits: This combination of herbs and juices nourishes the heart, normalizes blood pressure, boosts immunity and supports immune health with a large dose of vitamin C.

Flower Essence: Calla Lily

Sound Frequencies: Baby Laughter, Wind in the Trees

Gemstone Essence: Rose Quartz



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