Tangy Colorado Peach & Rhubarb Chutney


This sweet and sour topping makes everything taste better!  Try it with this week's Chicken Tagine, Chickpea Sundal, and Ginger Saffron Rice.

Eat it as a snack with your favorite crackers and cheese or even jazz up your vegetables. 

Red Wagon Farms organic rhubarb we've preserved, fresh Western Slope organic peaches, organic apple cider vinegar, unfiltered honey, organic raisins, mustard seed, organic fresh lemon zest, organic onion, organic ginger, hibiscus flower, and Real sea salt. 

This freezes beautifully, so stock up!

Half Pint (1 cup)- 8 servings.  Price includes $1.25 jar deposit. Keeps for weeks.

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