Thanksgiving Paleo Sandwich Bread


Simple, flavorful ingredients make the best and most nourishing baked goods. In this case, we use organic almonds instead of wheat.  For those of you how haven't been able to eat traditional bread due to dietary restrictions, this will be a real treat!

And even if you do eat gluten/grains, this bread will satisfy and keep your blood sugar more level than wheat breads usually do.

We soak and dehydrate organic almonds to make a digestible flour to mix with organic coconut flour,  organic eggs, olive oil, a spoonful of honey, a pinch of baking soda, and Real sea salt.  

This slices up perfectly and will make a mean sandwich! Also great with our chicken and tuna salads or slathered with some of your favorite jam.

1 loaf per order. 

This freeze excellently- and we reccomend slicing and keeping it frozen if you won't eat it in a few days.

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